You Can Sell Wholesale Merchandise On eBay


You can sell wholesale merchandise on eBay.

Although most people associate eBay with retail sales, there is a tremendous amount of wholesale activity that takes place on the auction giant's website. 

Since eBay has become established in the ecommerce industry, the auction site attracts many retailers and wholesalers. 

When you visit the different product categories on eBay, you will see that there are many wholesale subcategories. You can list your wholesale products in those subcategories. 

You can also create large lots of your products, this way you can attract the attention of bulk buyers.

I would recommend that before you create your wholesale or large lot listings, you should do plenty of research. You will want to see how big a lot should be, and what is a realistic price for your merchandise. You will discover this information by looking at other listings for the type of merchandise that you are selling. 

You can choose to set up buy it now listings, best offer listings, or auction listings. 

When selling wholesale, it is imperative that you list the retail value of your merchandise, and let people know if your merchandise is being sold at below the regular wholesale price. By providing this information, you will encourage resellers to buy your lots.

You might want to consider creating lots of different quantities, this way you can attract resellers with different budgets. 

To encourage buyers to purchase larger lots, you will want to lower your price per item on the larger lots.