• Wholesale Lot Of 100 Pieces Of Brand Name Children's Clothing


    Wholesale Lot Of 100 Pieces Of Brand Name Children's Clothing. 
    Your Price Is Only $4.99 Each!
    All tops, mixed brands such as Kohl, Nike. mixed sizes, all-new clothing most with tags some without tags mixture of sizes. 
    The photos you see are the actual items Sizes are mostly for young kids 12 years of age and under maybe some bigger ones like the Star Wars hoodies
    4 kids rash grard swimming tops mixed 10 wonder nation T-Rex 2D T-shirts orange 10 Spider-Man Marvel T-shirts mixed sizes 1 Nike elite hoodie, yellow size extra small 5 jackets lightweight button down :-) pink mix sizes 2 hoodie, Star Wars, extra small and medium brown 2 sets of kids pajamas, long sleeve blue 1. Hoodie girls Adidas pink size 6. 30 mix, kids, T-shirts, dinosaurs, cars, sharks, and alligators. 
    Mix sizes. 4 new Balance hoodies, two grays and two blacks 15 plaid shirts, mixed colors long sleeve, Kohls brand jumping beans 15. 
    Mix characters, long sleeve shirts, kohls brand , Mickey,snoppy Minecraft, Star Wars, 1 canals, baby button down kids shirts.
    Wholesale Brand Name Children's Clothing: