Woven Baskets Wholesale Africa


If you're in search of wholesale woven baskets, look no further. Whether you're looking for Baba Tree weavers, Hand made items, or eco-friendly items, this article will provide you with the resources you need. Listed below are some of the most popular and beautiful baskets available for sale. Read on to discover more about these African baskets. Then, decide which one would be perfect for your home!

Baba Tree weavers

Founded in Bolgatanga, Ghana, the Baba Tree Company offers African artisanal woven baskets. The region is known for indigenous pottery, vernacular construction, wood carving, and weaving. These art forms form the heart of Ghana's cultural identity. Baba Tree is proud to support this unique and local industry. The company aims to promote sustainable and fair work while creating a positive social impact in the local community.

Baba Tree woven baskets come in various colors, sizes, and designs. The baskets are made from natural materials and woven by artisan weavers in the Bolga region. Weavers receive at least 15 percent of the retail price for their labor. Weavers also receive well-paid commission of five to fifteen percent of the sale price. In exchange, buyers receive a beautiful basket that the weavers themselves hand-woven.

Weavers at Baba Tree weave baskets combine traditional African designs with western colours. These baskets are sold at far below the market value due to the undervalued work of the local weavers. Greg pays more than the average price but it's hard to charge more than this. A responsible business, such as ours, strives to compensate the weavers fairly for their hard work.

Hand made

If you want to buy hand made woven baskets wholesale, then you should definitely look into the African market. These beautiful woven pieces are a great way to support local artisans and contribute to a better world. In fact, they can be as functional as a vase for small objects, or they can be as delicate as a flower pot. There are many options available and you can select the best one for your interior.


If you're looking for unique woven baskets for your home, you've come to the right place. These woven baskets are a perfect fit for modern interiors, and many are crafted by artisans in Africa. From Malawi to Ghana, you can find beautiful, high-quality baskets at wholesale prices from Kenya to South Africa. Many of these African wares are made of natural materials, including Sisal fibre, which is harvested in the region.

Baba Tree is a company that specializes in hand-woven baskets. The baskets are woven by 200 expert artisan weavers in the Bolgatanga community in Eastern Ghana. Each basket is unique, representing the artisan's signature and celebrating individuality. In addition to offering a unique look, the baskets are also a fantastic way to show off your style. You can even buy them as gifts!

Binga baskets are made from the leaves of the Ilala Palm. They're commonly used to transport maize and sorghum. Because they're lightweight and made of natural materials, these baskets can be used as storage, laundry baskets, and even as a decorative center piece on a coffee table. These baskets also have the ability to hold fruits and vegetables. They are versatile enough to suit a variety of decors, from rustic to modern.


If you're looking for unique and environmentally friendly woven baskets, look no further than the baskets from Senegal. These baskets are handmade by master weavers and are sold by companies that support the artisan community by paying fair wages and providing excellent customer service. Plus, the fair trade label helps keep these baskets in the family of the weavers, preserving their culture and helping to support their families.

Mbare artisan partners use centuries-old techniques to craft these beautiful and unique African woven baskets. You can purchase these baskets from a range of online shops, including GlobeIn, which curates artisan-made goods from around the world. And because they're fair-trade-certified, these baskets support the livelihoods of artisan partners in rural Africa, ensuring that they are paid a living wage.

Sustainable materials are important in home design and eco-friendly woven baskets are no exception. Unlike other home furnishings, they do not use chemicals, which is why they are made from natural materials. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Light yellow-colored Round Storage Baskets are a great choice because they neutralize colors in your living room. Moreover, they're durable, with double-handled handles, making them practical for a wide range of uses.

Fair trade woven baskets are made with natural materials that are often sourced locally. Many of these products are also made in fair-trade workshops, and the weavers themselves work from their own homes and earn fair wages. Moreover, fair-trade baskets are produced under conditions of good working conditions, and some even provide additional services for the weavers. A fair trade product will ensure that the baskets are made with integrity and are made with care.


You can buy African handwoven baskets at a wholesale price from reputable companies that support local artisans. The baskets are handmade, with unique patterns and designs. Most are woven from palm leaves and can be sold wholesale to you at a great price. They can also be used as decorative items. The weavers at Baba Tree are paid well above average and are often involved in rebuilding roads destroyed by floods.