Wona Trading In New York


Wona Trading, which is located in New York, offers wholesale and retail fashion costume jewelry.

Jewelry is a must have fashion accessory which enhances the appearance of a person and also can be a good investment. Many women and men are looking for a supplier of fashion, unique, trendy and affordable jewelry, and Wona Trading in NY is one of the more popular suppliers of fashion jewelry, costume jewelry both for retail and wholesale customers.

The New York based store which opened in the year 2004, also stocks scarves, bags, beach wear and other fashion accessories keep up with the latest fashion trends, so that fashionable buyers can purchase all their supplies from a single store. Earrings are some of the most widely used fashion accessories, jewelry worn by women and Wona Trading is offering a wide range of the trendy fashion jewelry in different colors, designs keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

Buyers can purchase celluloid jewelry worn by their favorite actress or the jewelry worn by the characters in their favorite movie. For women who love flowers and bright, pastel colors, inexpensive petal flower earrings are available in a wide range of colors, which are ideally worn on holidays and other casual functions, to complement the clothes In addition to being colorful, jewelry with precious and semiprecious stones is also a good investment, for future. So Wona is offering a wide range of products containing Turqoise which is considered to be the stone of protection. Turquoise Necklaces, turqoise stud earrings and bracelets with turqoise are available. Earrings made from precious metals and containing precious stones like diamonds are often expensive, so they are small in size. To ensure that these tiny earrings are kept safely, a secret box for small sized earrings is also available at the store.Tiaras for weddings and similar functions are also available.

Most fashion lovers are looking for funky jewelry and other accessories so wona offers a wide range of the most trending jewelry. The metal pendant jewelry has a number of metal letters hanging on metal chains. The armor bib choker is made of pearls, is ideal for covering up the neck, and can be used on formal occasions like parties, weddings and other functions. The Kinetic Slinky metal ring is a funky bracelet, with a number of metallic rings which are interlinked with each other. The Morsecode bracelet consists of a number of beads in the form of morse code characters.

The store also offers other unique stylish combinations like cactus and jewelry, glass anklets, and rhinestone jewelry. The jewelry is classified into different categories depending on the type of jewelry, like anklet, bracelet, brooch, necklace, body jewelry, pendant, ring, watch or jewelry component, for those who have lost a part of the jewelry. The jewelry can also be classified based on the material like semi precious, cubic zirconia or stainless steel. Jewelry is available in different applications like bridal, wedding jewelry, seasonal trends, Swarovski, monogrammed.

For wholesalers the jewelry is available in a pack of a dozen. Retail customers placing an order of $500 or more are eligible for a $7 discount. It is hoped that this will Fully describe Wona Trading in NY for potential customers. Address: Wona Trading, Inc. 37 West. 28th Street. (Between Broadway & 6th Avenue) New York, NY 10001 Telephone: (212).725.3616 Fax no.: (212).725.3618