Wilson's Warehouse in Griffin, Georgia - A Brief History


When you need a hotel in Griffin, Georgia, Wilson's Warehouse is located at 830 E Broadway St. You can use Hotellook.com to search for other nearby hotels. Wilson's Warehouse is a 4th generation logistics and transportation company owned by the Wilson family. This hotel dates back to 1907.

Wilson's Warehouse was a store, warehouse and private residence in Buchanan

The Wilson Warehouse was a store, warehouse and private dwelling built in 1839 by John S. Wilson. The building was restored in 1928 by Lynchburg architect Stanhope Johnson. After its restoration, Wilson Warehouse was known as the Community House. It served as a community center and residence. During its heyday, it was used to hold various special events and festivals.

Located in the heart of Buchanan, Wilson's Warehouse was once a warehouse and store. The historic brick structure features a large, center hall passage, one room on the west side and two equal-sized rooms on the east side. It has two front doors, a basement, and a top floor that is home to the original elevator. The interior features original woodwork, fireplaces, floors, mantels, and more.

It is now owned by the Town Improvement Society

The historic brick structure features a center hall passage, one large room on the west side, and two equally-sized rooms on the east. The building has two front doors, and was used as a warehouse and private residence for Wilson. The top floor still houses the original elevator system, and all rooms retain the woodwork and fireplaces. The buildings are well-preserved, and the interior is beautifully furnished.

The Wilson Warehouse is a historic landmark in Buchanan. Completed in 1839, the building was designed as a private residence, warehouse, and store. It served as a main shipping hub during Canal Days, when Buchanan acted as the western terminus of the James River & Kanawha Canal. It is still owned by the Town Improvement Society. It is open to the public, and tours are available.

It was owned by John S. Wilson

The store was originally named Whites, but in 1896, John S. Wilson purchased it and renamed it the John S. Wilson Company. In 1929, the Wilson family sold the store to R. Stanley Reid and George L. Willis. The Reid family has owned the store ever since. In 1961, Robert S. Reid, Jr., became the president of the store. He added a second floor and third floor in space that had been home to the Greenfield Hotel. The store is currently owned by his son-in-law, Kevin J. O'Neil.

Today, the store is one of the last remaining downtown department stores. It is also one of the last of its kind in New England. Other stores, such as Sam's in Brattleboro, Vermont, sell clothing and camping equipment but have limited housewares. In Northampton and Springfield, other department stores have closed. The building that once housed Wilson's was purchased by Edwin W. in 1927 and renovated. The building houses a hair salon on the second floor. The store's original name was the Boston Store.

Before opening Wilson's Warehouse, Wilson served in the United States Air Force for eight years. After returning from the service, he joined his uncle's business in Chicago. He was the first African-American to serve in the Air Force. He also worked for his uncle's sign company from 1957 to 1963. He married his wife Avis Chilson in 1960 and the couple raised two children. A few years later, Wilson sold the business to another company.

The store's history dates back to the 1800s. It was originally located in the historic 217 W. Main Street location. In 1984, the Flyzik family purchased the store from Wilson's father, Bill Wilson. Later, they sold the business to Chris and Joe Flyzik, who had bought it in 1984. The Flyziks continued to run the store, which is still in the same location.

It is a 4th generation warehouse, logistics and transportation company

For over 100 years, Wilson's Warehouse has been the go-to source for transportation needs. Its name is synonymous with logistics and transportation, and its conglomerated space is a perfect fit for this family-run business. However, the name and brand had become stale and outdated. With an eye toward the future, Wilson's Warehouse had to make a change to stay competitive.

Amazon is expanding rapidly into the Inland Empire after competitors set up shop in the area. Now, it's the largest private employer in the area, with 15 warehouses. It also established its first fulfillment center in San Bernardino in 2012. This type of shipping has an effect on local air quality, congestion, noise pollution, and more. Luckily, Wilson's Warehouse is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the new e-commerce market.

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