Why You Should Sell Pallets on B-Stock Solutions


Wholesale options are becoming increasingly popularised in the marketplace and It is not a coincidence that both consumers and businesses alike have started flocking towards these wholesale solutions.

On the consumer side, you have massive conglomerates such as Costco, identifying itself as the largest American, membership-only warehouse club. This retailer offers a huge range of products, from toilet paper, to televisions, to office supplies and while there is a yearly membership fee, what really differentiates Costco from its competitors (Walmart, Amazon) are their wholesale options. This allows customers to buy in bulk at a significantly reduced price point, offering more bang for their buck, if you will.

This wholesale mentality provides several benefits, both to the consumers and to businesses themselves. For example, in 2016 Costco saw an average of $159 Million per warehouse with a net income of roughly $2.35 Billion. As Costco is a business that practices B2B trading, these numbers speak volumes at how effective a solution like this can prove to be for any growing business.

Businesses that specialise in furniture, pallets, or fabrics tend to have the most to gain from incorporating a B2B wholesale solution. This solution cuts out the middle man and allows businesses to quickly and easily get rid of new surplus stock, refurbished stock, or returns to maximise profit.

Take Cycleon-Recare for example, one of Europe’s leading B2B trading platforms. They offer refurbished consumer appliances & electronics, offering B2B wholesale stock from some of the largest name brands on the market. The have seen a steady year-on-year net profit increase with the exception of the 2016 financial results.

There are a number of available options for any growing business that wishes to enter the B2B wholesale marketplace. One being B-Stock Solutions, which prides itself in offering an easy, cost-effective way for growing businesses to recover a higher sum of money for surplus stock, refurbished items or excess inventory.

For a business specialising in pallets, B-Stock solutions offer a great way to get rid of all that extra inventory and turn it into cash. B-Stock Supply is their proprietary B2B auction platform that allows businesses to upload large groups of listings to the related marketplace. Once in the system, other buyers will be able to bid for the specified listing and once purchases are complete, your company arranges the shipping directly with the buyer and upon receipt, funds are then released to your business.

While there is an upfront cost of $99 per month to use the B-Stock supply marketplace, it provides numerous benefits that justify the cost. Ease of access for both buyers and sellers as well as access to approved businesses in over 135 countries are both great perks to using the service. Since it’s also at auction, a higher bidder number will always help drive up the prices rather than buyers trying to negotiate a better deal.

B-Stock supply is a very cost-effective platform that is guaranteed to help boost sales of your excess or refurbished pallet stock. While there is a monthly fee to consider, it offers a service that is almost unparalleled.