Why Can't I Sell Coins on eBay?


If you've wondered how to sell coins on eBay, you are not alone. You're probably wondering how to avoid negative feedback and seller fees, as well as the various steps to take to get started. This article will explain what you need to do in order to get started. You will also learn about using high-quality photographs and avoiding negative feedback. So what are you waiting for? Get started on eBay today!

Selling coins on eBay

Listed on eBay, big auction venues spend tons of money advertising and producing sales catalogs. They also spend money developing interactive websites that allow visitors to peruse catalogs prior to the auction and place bids whenever they choose. The popularity of big auction venues intensifies the competition for consigned coins. Nevertheless, big auction venues are not for everyone. If you're considering selling coins on eBay, here are some tips to avoid scams.

- Avoid the gamble: Start by selling low-value coins first. Beginners are better off selling low-value coins and building a reputation as a reliable seller. This way, they can make mistakes without losing precious high-value coins. For beginners, it is best to list ten to twenty low-value coins before attempting to sell intermediate and high-value coins. Then, you can move on to selling higher-priced coins.

eBay seller fees

The seller fees on eBay vary according to the type of listing you have. Some sellers choose to list their coins in an auction format, which sells the coins to the highest bidder. Others choose to list their coins in a "Buy It Now" listing, where buyers can make an offer if they cannot afford the full price. Regardless of your selling method, you will have to pay these fees to keep your account active.

When selling coins on eBay, you must ensure the condition of your coin is accurate. Failure to do so could result in a lower sales price and negative feedback. This is especially important when selling higher-valued coins, as buyers will suspect that you have over-graded a coin. Be sure to include any defects or distracting features in the listing. Negative feedback can lead to the freezing of your eBay account. While you're listing your coins on eBay, make sure to list the condition and other important characteristics of your coins so that you'll be able to attract the highest prices.

Using high-quality photographs

Before listing your coins for sale on eBay, you must edit them. This may include rotating the coin to the correct orientation and removing distracting color or gradients. For the sake of clarity, the photo below was deliberately taken upside down, so the shadow appeared at the back of my head. Ideally, your photographs will take less than five minutes to complete. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure it catches the viewers' attention.

If you plan to post multiple photos of your coins on eBay, make sure they show the actual object. When selling coins on eBay, buyers will tend to purchase from sellers with good-quality photos. Make sure to specify the exact specifications of the item you're selling, and always link to external sources. Do not use stock images, either. You'll want to make the photos look more realistic to potential buyers.

Avoiding negative feedback

If you want to avoid negative feedback when selling coins on eBay, it's essential to do the following. First, always inspect the coins you sell using a proof of delivery. Never keep coins for fear of receiving negative feedback. eBay sellers are motivated to keep problems quiet. Second, make sure the coins are as described, or you'll risk losing your investment. Third, don't buy coins if they're not as described.

Be aware of the eBay "Withhold Feedback" feature. It's a security measure that suspends members for threatening to leave negative feedback. If you're worried that someone might take advantage of this feature, don't! eBay is not the only place to purchase coins. Some buyers may be suspicious of sellers who have negative feedback, and it's not always easy to find out whether or not they're real. However, this safeguard protects you from losing your money if something unfortunate happens.

Using a Buy It Now price

In an effort to improve coin selling, eBay sellers are increasingly relying on specialized price guides to gauge market trends. While there are numerous other sources of coin pricing information, few sellers are aware of them. One of these guides is the eBay Coin Price Book, which contains data for four types of coins. eBay's coin pricing chart allows users to quickly compare the prices of individual coins by viewing completed listings.

eBay allows sellers to choose shipping zones for their listings. Listings can include up to 12 free images, but if you're struggling to hit this number, try using eight or more. Including as many pictures as possible will help increase your listings' visibility in search results. Listings with a Buy It Now price will also increase your chances of receiving bids. A high-quality image of your coins will ensure that potential buyers see your listings.