WholesaleCentral.com vs. TopTenWholesale.com


WholesaleCentral.com vs. TopTenWholesale.com 

Making your products available at wholesale prices is one of the best and most profitable business models to grow a customer base without having to spend excessive amount marketing to end-users. 

Typically, selling wholesale would need an on-site operation. But as technology progressed, so did our practices of conducting business. Companies were exposed to the digital market more, increasing transactions and sales. 

Product sourcing positively impacts the variety of products a market can choose from. Moreover, it also has a great effect on your profitability. Depending on a single wholesale directory or product source isn’t a viable strategy. 

In fact, having only one product source is synonymous with storing all your eggs in a single basket. You must consider the many alternatives to increase your leverage in bargains.  

In this article, two of the best wholesale directory sites go head to head.

While both search engines offer paid advertising and marketing services for wholesale sellers, we will be examining the search engines from the perspective of wholesale buyers.


The B2B wholesale directory WholesaleCentral.com facilitates wholesale retailers as well as suppliers. This acts as a platform for suppliers to expand their business and retailers to connect with suppliers. 

In addition, the site helps you find the best-selling products from a bunch of different categories. Once you find a supplier, the site will reroute to their site so you can negotiate with the supplier directly. 

WholesaleCentral has been in the industry for a very long time and carries a wide range of products to choose from. They have an impressive base of verified suppliers to pick from. 

You can register as a supplier to a retailer and gain access to their verified supplier list and product locator service. In contrast to a straight-up wholesale directory, WholesaleCentral is kinds of magazine utilizing the monetization model of helping companies buy listings. The platform, however, doesn’t charge a penny from its users. 

Keep in mind that this isn’t the platform for new entrants in the wholesale market as they would have to put it way too much to communicate with the suppliers. It doesn’t organize seminars and neither does it have a knowledge-base to help you out with it. The site also doesn’t provide any guidelines whatsoever on how to select a source of your inventory. If you want to get the best of WholesaleCentral, you have to come prepared. 

Pricing Strategy: Free. 


Web-based B2B platform TopTenWholesale assists people in finding wholesalers, distributors, importers, and drop-shippers. The user base includes thousands of verified suppliers as well as millions of products to meet your demands. 

To get into the database, you will have to go through a supplier verification process that provides proof of authenticity of the seller. 

TopTenWholesale’s motto is a bit different than its contemporaries. It aims to primarily serve a community for buyers and wholesalers that ease their interactions. 

So, it’s much more than a source that gives information about item listings. TopTenWhole has become one of the biggest B2B wholesale platforms in America. 

Pricing Strategy: Free. 

Difference between WholesaleCentral and TopTenWholesale 

The biggest difference between the two platforms would have to be their respective knowledge bases. WholesaleCentral though the bigger one with more fame, doesn’t make things easier for newbies. On the other hand, TopTenWholesale has a rich information base from where you can learn how to buy, how to sell, and just in general wholesale 101. 

The latter also has a community. There, you can find recent news, videos, trade shows, and a forum where users can share various queries, provide answers, and discuss problems. While WholesaleCentral does have trade shows, nothing else is featured on their platform. 

If you visit their websites individually, you will notice how the one of WholesaleCentral.com looks extremely cluttered. This may be due to the fact that there is a huge product dump there but it’s worth mentioning. 

In contrast, the website of TopTenWholesale is significantly cleaner. Navigation is easier because everything has been laid out into sections. Plus, not every corner of the website has an ad on it.   

There is a “Deals and Steals” section on WholesaleCentral that its competition doesn’t have. All the deals are on either of the websites and you’ll have to manually search them up. But with the former, you get notified of all the best deals for you to scoop up immediately.  

TopTenWholesale claims to be supporting US-based manufacturers and has a section dedicated to it titled “Made in the USA.” 

One more feature that the newly introduced TopTenWholesale has that WholesaleCentral hasn’t come out with is the product request section. You can post a request for a product if you’re a buyer. 

If you’re a supplier, you can view any product request a potential buyer has left for you. This makes understanding the customers easier. If you get an abundance of requests for a particular product, you will know that the market has a rising need for it.  

A super cool option on the WholesaleCentral store is the Closeouts and Liquidation section. Stores that are going out of business usually post their products for discounted prices. You can know that directly from the website. 


WholesaleCentral.com and TopTenWholesale.com are definitely two of the front-runners in their field. It was interesting to note that there are so many significant differences between the two.