Wholesale Tally Taylor Two Piece Dress Suit


This is another exquisite design from the Tally Taylor design Stable. It is a dress suit meant for the sophisticated woman.
 It can be worn for both professional and social formal gatherings. It is not dull colored but rather adventurous, it is white and has a navy colored flower print around the waistline and around the sleeves of the Jacket. The dress is knee length and close fitting to flatter the feminine figure but is not too revealing. It is sleeveless and predominantly white with flowered navy print along the waistline. The jacket waist length with three-quarter sleeves with printed blue arm edges.

This wholesale Tally Taylor Dress suit comes in thirteen sizes, ranging between size ten and eight.
True to her designs this one is available even for the plus size Lady. It also comes in a combination of two colors.
It can either come in navy and white or it can come in pink and white.
The combination of colors alternate, that is one dress can have white as prominent with a navy waistline, while another can be navy with a white flower print waistline.

This wholesale Tally Taylor dress suit is easily accessorized, because of its high
round neck, it is just low enough to reveal a telling classy necklace without exposing the cleavage. Because of the quarter length
sleeves on the jacket, it is also ideal for accessorizing with classy bangles and wristbands.
It also comes with a hat which comprises of the same colors as the dress suit.

When it comes to shoes. this wholesale Tally Taylor Dress suit goes with readily available classic official shoes. It goes well with navy colored shoes, white colored shoes or pink colored shoes depending on the color combination of the dress suit.

This dress brings out the sophisticated and professional look as well as the easy-going but stern look on any woman who
wears it.