Wholesale Tally Taylor three piece suit


The Tally Taylor three piece suit for ladies is an amazing combination of fabrics that can fit in various settings. It comes accessorized for you with a fur hat. The outfit combines the formal and luxurious appearance. Available in a dark brown color, the Tally Taylor three piece suit is a staple in the executive woman's wardrobe. The fur is well distributed in the outfit to prevent overcrowding and accentuate your figure while wearing the dress. Read on to learn more about its finer details.

Outfit features

Characteristics of the hat

The hat in this outfit has a uniform dark brown color throughout. In addition to that, it is made of real, natural fur. As such, it is warm and soft at the same time. The fur matches that which is on the lapels and wrists of the dress. You can place it right atop your head horizontally or at an angle. It will stay in place thanks to firm construction. It is an accessory for this wholesale Tally Taylor three piece suit that you can even wear with other clothes. Hence, the fur hat is versatile.

Characteristics of the jacket

The jacket is a major part of this three piece suit from Tally Taylor. It is dark brown in color and has fur on its lapels and wrists. It is fastened at the front and has long sleeves. To ensure that you stay classy while wearing this outfit, it has a circular , jeweled pin for fastening it at the front. Moreover, the fur on the lapels has alternating dark and light brown rings. This decorates the outfit without looking overdone.

Characteristics of the skirt

Designed to hug your figure while retaining elegance, this skirt from Tally Taylor is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. It has a pencil design and ends modestly right below your knee. It has a clean hem with no visible stitches. As such, it is as attractive as a work of art.


The wholesale Tally Taylor three piece suit is a necessary addition to the wardrobe of every executive lady. The fur is real and most interestingly, detachable. The outfit is available online for $449.75.