Wholesale Tally Taylor Lime Skirt Suit


Tally Taylor, as is known, has always kept the best range of elegant dresses and gowns for women across all ages, which can also be bought in wholesale. This dress again, is no exception, a beautiful three piece skirt suit, which comes in three variety of colors. The dress is simple and chic, and yet is most appropriate for evening parties or brunch. The skirt suit is fashioned in a vintage manner, so if you are a sucker for graceful vintage collection then this is an ideal pick.

Skirt suits have always been a raging vogue in fashion, because of the mellowed and subtle regal vibes that they impart. This being a sole reason, why I have been drawn to this dress as a moth to the flame. The dress suit contains an solid colored blouse, a jacket and an A-line skirt. The jacket is a peplum fit, which is again a very trendy design that has been in fashion lately. The Peplum cut of the jacket accentuates the waist area of the body, enticing everyone's eyes to the beautiful curves of your body. There is a very pretty detailing of Rhinestone above the waist area of the jacket, which almost gives the look of a sequin belt. The texture of the jacket is on self-stripes which looks really nice with the solid colored skirt. The skirt has an excellent fit, it fits tight at the waist, the hip and the area below the hip, but as it flows down it loosens up a bit and then finally the hem hits right below the knees- this is the perfect kind of fit, when it comes to A-line skirts.

What excites me the most is the superb quality of the clothing material, the color is a bright lime, which immediately livens up the day. The dress has a shiny satiny finish which is does not glisten too much, just the right amount of shine that helps adding a perfect glow to your style.

Tally Taylor has yet again done a brilliant job in coming up with dresses that suit the style of most people. They have also been making these dress available for wholesale retail as well, which is always a plus.