Wholesale Tally Taylor Dress and How You Can Be Creative With the Design


Once I took a glance of this wholesale Tally Taylor dress, I fell in love deeply with the houndstooth print. It resembled the favorite gown of my gorgeous grandmother. She was just a fashionable girl, at her 'time', as most of her gowns were the Scottish origin weaving houndstooth. As far as I concern, this wholesale Tally Taylor dress has the printed houndstooth though it is still very fine to me. I love the black-and white tone which can deliver the gracious classic look on me.

I wasn't so surprised to see the price, as it is classified as highly priced gown. I believe that Tally Taylor aficionados never mind spending their budgets for this timeless gown. This dress is perfect for the pear-shape girl, who might want to hide their flaws on the hip. Though this dress still looks good on skinny women, they might skip this option, due to the hem-line, as it gives smaller impression on the body. If they love the overall cut, they might want to have the personalized midi gown with houndstooth full print to create a fuller body image. I believe that plus size women would have no hesitate to choose this wholesale Tally Taylor dress, if there are bigger sizes from this lovely gown.

Detached is the rhinestone brooch with similar tones. This brooch is gorgeous, but buyers may want to replace it with other kinds of brooch that meet their personalities. Some women might replace the brooch with other form of accessories like cross necklace. Well, of course it suits well, as everyone agrees that this dress suits best as church gown, though it is also perfect for other semi formal events like dinner or charity events.

Even if this wholesale Tally Taylor dress looks gorgeous with high heels, it also suits with flat shoes in white or black. Yet, it might not fit well with stilettos.