Wholesale Tahari Suits Review


Wholesale Tahari suits are one of the most popular items

in the office wear category.

I have sold thousands of women's suits to boutique owners throughout

Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and right here in the United States.

I can say with conviction that the most requested brand

for suits is Tahari.

It's all about looking good & as the
theory goes, 'when you look, you feel good.'

There is no place that this theory is more
prevalent than in the board room. Women from around the world are suiting up
and looking good. Powerful leaders taking innovative companies to a the next
level & looking stunning at the same time.

One of the leading designers in business
attire is Elie Tahari. The company provides an elegant choice of women's suits that
are not only beautiful but practical at the same time. The ready-to-wear
clothes are fashionable choice for the business woman looking to impress.

Theses office
centric designs by Tahari are a great choice for the the women just entering
the corportate world or the business elite. If you're looking for a new suit
that will make you stand out in the office & leave you feeling great at the
same time then this list is for you. Here are 10 Tahari Suits for the business
woman with fashion sense.

1. Plaid/Solid Bi-Stretch Pantsuit

Starting off the list by mixing it up. This
one-button jacket separates itself with the plaid look that works well with its
solid color pants. Speaking of the pants, the Elastane bi-stretch makes for a
great fit & is crease resistant.

2. Belted Funnel-Neck Pantsuit

This suit stands out from it's high
neckline & trim look gives the jacket a military inspired feel. The
comfortable fit of the slim-leg pants have just enough stretch for a modern

3. Zip-Pocket Pinstriped Pantsuit

The classic pant suit with an edge best
describes this number. The pinstripe is complimented well with the slick
zippered pockets. It's all the luxury of a power suit with just enough
accessory to be trendy.

4. Houndstooth/Bi-Stretch Pantsuit

Standing out with it's black and white
checkered jacket & black pants this is conservative looking suit. A
comfortable to wear number this outfit will leave you feeling confident &
secure going to the office.

5. Side-Draped Bi-Stretch Pantsuit

The classic-fit pants will remain wrinkle-free
all day long. They are complimented by the great looking side-buttoned jacket.
Available in navy, this suit will look great when you show it off in the board

6. Flap-Collar Stretch Crepe Skirt Suit

Moving away from the pant suit this outfit
features the traditional silhouette skirt. The low flap collar is prominent in
the jacket & tailored look gives this suit a perfect fit. The comfortable
outfit walks the conservative to casual line perfectly.

7. Single-Ruffle Stretch Crepe Pantsuit

This wrinkle resistant outfit shows of the
feminine side of a suit with its trendy shawl collar of the jacket.. The
modern, straight leg pants are nice compliment giving this suit the look of
responsible elegance.

8. Zip-Pocket Crepe Pantsuit

At first glance this pantsuit gives of a
tall, slim look which is made possible by its long, low collar. The slim-leg
pants work well with the jacket giving this ivory white suit a chic presence to
it. A board room suit that works well when you have to take a client to lunch.

9. Pinstriped Cape-Jacket Pantsuit

The classic pinstripe with a modern twist.
This suit replaces the jacket with a collarless cape making it stand out from
its regular competition. The straight-leg pants are a comfortable compliment to
its cape tying the outfit together nicely.

10. Rainbow-Zipper Peplum Pantsuit

The collarless jacket gives this suit a
modern & trendy look to it deserves. The crease resistant pants balance out
this chic outfit. Overall wearing this suit makes you feel all the responsibility
of a successful business woman with just enough of a femininity.

Choosing a business suit can be a stressful
endeavour because it's all about looking & feeling good. The Tahari line of suits is the best of both
the corporate & fashion worlds. There suits not only look good but are
comfortable to wear. They are the perfect combination of beauty &