Wholesale Shoes In New York City


Do you know why so many retailers search for wholesale shoes in New York City?

If you are a retailer looking for a great way to save money on wholesale footwear, find the latest styles and designs, and maybe even buy your next pair of shoes then New York is the place for you. If you are a fashion conscious retailer who likes to buy the best quality footwear that is fashionable and trendy then no doubt you have heard of the NYC Fashion District. The NYC Fashion District, also known as the NYC Garment District, has been known by a lot of brick and mortar, and online retailers, as one of the leading wholesale destinations for footwear. In New York, you will find suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, designers, and brands, who all have showrooms throughout NYC, which can be accessed by retailers. These shoe vendors are ready to do business!

Since retailers love to save money and time on doing business, for years they have been visiting New York for their wholesale shopping . Savvy retailers are well aware that there are so many illegitimate and fake products out there making it hard for those looking for legitimate wholesalers and manufacturers. You can start out by visiting the showrooms of well known brands such as Ralph Lauren, Nine West, and Steve Madden. You can also visit the showrooms of up and coming designers, as well as the warehouses of Chinese footwear importers who manufacture their own brands, or who import generic or unbranded shoes.

In order to find good wholesale shoes you must first determine your market. There are different kinds of retailers so you need to understand the niche that you want to enter. Your next move would be to look for wholesale suppliers or drop shippers. You must do an extensive research and canvass before choosing any particular supplier. It is important to choose reliable wholesale suppliers and drop shippers in order to get the best quality products at the lowest possible prices.

Below are some shoe suppliers in New York: