Wholesale R&M Richards Scalloped Sequin Lace Bolero



An important pieces of clothing that every woman should have in her closet is a bolero. R&M Richards have taken this concept and made a masterpiece. The R&M Richards Scalloped Sequin Lace Bolero combines casual and luxury in one item of clothing. It is highly textured, has patterns all over and is decorated with some sequins as well. It is an ideal addition to your evening outfit. Read on to learn about its outstanding features and how to take care of it too.

Features of the bolero

The wholesale R&M Richards Scalloped Sequin Lace Bolero has a stand up collar. The front is entirely open with no closure mechanisms. In addition to that, the bolero has three quarter sleeves and sheer sequined lace all over its fabric. This gives it texture and decorates the item at the same time.

The bolero is scalloped at its edges, neckline, hem and placket. Moreover, it has a cropped fit. As such, it will comfortably hug your upper body and let any outfit you have underneath look fabulous. The bolero is unlined. Therefore, you can match it or block it with your underlying clothing.

To guarantee a chic appearance, the R&M Richards Scalloped Sequin Lace Bolero ends right at the waist. It is 15 inches long and has a 31.5” bust. In addition to that, the bolero fits perfectly on a waist size of 24.5” and a hip size of 35”. This amazing item from R&M Richards is black in color. Moreover, it is versatile. You can wear it as part of a black or matching outfit or as an accessory on its own.


This wholesale R&M Richards Scalloped Sequin Lace Bolero is made of a combination of fabrics. They are spandex, nylon and polyester. It can be washed by hand and fits most perfectly on a lady with a height of 5,10”.