Wholesale R&M Richards 2-Piece Sequin Poncho Pant Set


Want to adorn yourself with a glam look to kill! This WHOLESALE RM Richards senquin 2 piece pant set is perfect for any social gathering or fancy weddings parties. With its elegant outfit, this pant set is sure to make a striking appeal. In addition, the sleek colors create an ultimate grouping that is eye catching and highly sophisticated.

The materials used to make this dress are polyster and spandex. It’s a fully lined zipper with tank length sleeves and a boatneck.

1. Outfit

It offers the most outstanding outfit that hangs over body frame, perfectly allowing constant motion and flatters your body's shape so you could easily relax throughout the entire party or a wedding. Also, you can dance at the reception with such ease, which makes it highly recommended.

2. Comfort

The Richards 2-Piece Sequin Poncho is made of soft fabric which elates you and soothes your skin every time you feel it. It features a solid band trim with fitted lining. This clothing is suitable for all climates and for all your casual hangouts and celebration parties. It is easy to machine wash. The pant suit is designed to make you trendy while providing you comfort.

3. Style and design

Waking up to your wardrobe with a sophisticated set is every woman’s dream. Brimming up in its trendy and stylish outlook the Richards sequin two piece pant set makes it easy to look fashionable. The design comes with a pullover scoop neck and short drop shoulders.

4. Color and Sizes

This gorgeous set is available in multiple colors and shades like mocha, navy, plum, black in various fitting sizes from 6 to 16. You can grab this amazingly stylish dress in your perfect outfit and favourite color with which become the next stylish diva among your friends.

With the above attributes, this Richards sequin 2 piece poncho set stands out with sophistication and style. If you choose your Colors and fitting well, this dress is sure to earn you loads of compliments