Wholesale R & M Richards Sequined Lace Jacket & Dress


Not many attires can give life to your clothes' closet like the wholesale R & M Richards Sequined Lace Jacket & Dress. It's fancy and will never go out of style. The design, with the mother of the bride in mind, clears the puzzling doubts one would have before appearing for a son's or daughter's wedding. Oh, and this treasure has also looked fine on bridesmaids.

It's simply two-piece; consisting of a graceful dress and a matching jacket that can be detached. That offers you two at the price of one. The lace on the dress screams elegance from a distance making it the classic choice for a great day out, The variety of colors that the wholesale R & M Richards Sequined Lace Jacket & Dress comes in, effectively fit into the wearer's complexion. Giving you a range of choices; mocha, teal, wine, silver, and orchid, R & M Richards Sequined Lace Jacket & Dress makes it easy to look stunning in many ways. The top, trimmed with sequins, is available in all sizes.

The darling dress brings out one's curvy figure but doesn't overdo it. Well, the designer did a superb finish on both the knee-length and full-length styles. I'd recommend the sleeveless dress without the jacket for a hot outdoor wedding. The sparkles leave a beautiful shimmer in the sun. The dress stretches owing to its polyester, nylon and spandex material and so a perfect fit is ideal. These fabrics feel soft on the skin. What else does one need for formal occasions? Notably, the zipper at the back of the dress eases the undressing moment. This dress leaves an exciting tale from on to off.

The finesse in the wholesale R & M Richards Sequined Lace Jacket & Dress package is revealed with how the coat blends in on cool intimate evenings. Think of the soothing hue under neon lights. The jacket is laced with matching sequins and has 3/4 lengthed sleeves which are not lined. Its closure fits clasp on the body too.

To ice the cake, the expense is not exaggerated. It's the best of R & M Richards.