The R & M Richards dress is one of the most fancy dresses in the market. This two piece dress is elegantly designed and beautiful in all ways. Made by one of the most iconic cloth designers, the dress is perfect for an evening and cocktail party. You will effortlessly look fabulous in the dress
Wholesale R & M Richards dresses are available online at major websites hence you can buy the dress from anywhere in the world. The dresses height is just above the knee, so if you want to go for a party and show some leg then this is the dress for you. The dress's neckline which is V-shaped is embellished with beads making the dress glimmer when you look at it. The sparkly beads on the R & M Richards embellished dress and illusion duster jacket is a perfect fit. The dress is sleeveless as compared to the jacket with has a three quarter length, just below the elbows. With the dress being sleeveless and the jacket having longer sleeves makes it comfortable to wear.

The dress has full closure, pull over style this is as compared to the jacket with is open at the from having no zipping or buttons. More about the design of the jacket is it's height which is just below the hips and a bit above the dress. The jacket is also unlined flowing well with the dress as you walk. Wholesale R & M Richards dresses can be bought online but also at a retail price, the dress costs around eighty dollars on macys.

This dress can be complimented by wearing jewelry making it a perfect match, you will surely look glamorous in it. If you also love wearing high heels the the R & M Richards dress is perfect for fit especially with it having a perfect height. Every lady should get this dress for that great look.