Wholesale Perfume Bottles in the USA


The first step in finding a great wholesale perfume bottle supplier is deciding which material you would like. Glass, metal, plastic, or cylindrical? Then, make a list of requirements and narrow down your search. You'll be able to make your decision much easier when you know where to look. You can order a single bottle or a large quantity in a short time. There are a variety of options available to you, such as stock or JIT delivery.


For small-scale producers, a good way to find cheap, high-quality glass perfume bottles is to find a supplier who offers wholesale prices. A supplier can customize glass bottles to suit your needs. Depending on your needs, they can be decorated with logos or etched with specific designs. Some companies offer three-piece glass perfume bottles, which include a spray bottle, cover, and stopper. These types of bottles are often used in cosmetics and cologne businesses.

A good glass perfume bottle will not react to the liquid inside it. These bottles are an excellent choice for high-end fragrances. Plastic perfume bottles, on the other hand, won't alter the chemical components of the liquid and will preserve the scent. Plastic bottles, on the other hand, are more impact-resistant and are usually used for cheaper perfumes and body splashes. Listed below are some characteristics of glass perfume bottles.


If you are looking for a cheap and inexpensive way to produce high-quality plastic perfume bottles, you've come to the right place. Wholesale distributors of plastic perfume bottles in the USA sell them at wholesale prices. Prices range from $1.29 per bottle to $460 for a single mold. If you're looking for a smaller quantity, you can also custom design your own bottles with your logo. Many of the suppliers sell bottles in stock or JIT, so you can have them shipped to you fast!

The size of the bottle you choose will depend on the type of perfume that you sell. Smaller-sized bottles are best for light fragrances. Spray bottles, with fine mister caps, are perfect for light fragrances with floral or citrus notes. Spray bottles are also useful for body sprays and splashes. For more complex perfumes or essential oils, try roller ball perfume bottles. If your customers prefer a very strong, musky aroma, a dropper-cap bottle may be the best option.

There are many other choices for perfume bottles. You can purchase glass or plastic bottles. Glass perfume bottles can be reusable and are environmentally-friendly. Plastic bottles are impact-resistant and work well for small cosmetic bottles. They are less expensive than glass but are durable enough for body splashes. They can also be decorated with different types of finishes, including frosting, stamping, pad printing, and transfer printing. Glass and plastic perfume bottles can be custom-designed for a personalized look.


If you are planning to sell your perfume or cologne, you will definitely need a bottle. There are three primary types of perfume bottles: glass, aluminum spray bottles, and plastic. They all feature ample space for a custom label and are available with various caps. Hence, you can choose the type of bottle that suits your needs. This article will go over the different types of bottles available. Here are some important features you should know about them.

Glass bottle: The best type of bottle for perfumes is made of glass. It has a classy look and looks upscale. You can add decorative finishes such as frosting or ice cracking to make the bottle look more attractive. You can even customize the labeling and colors to suit your requirements. Glass bottles are also highly durable and have a long shelf life. Cylindrical perfume bottles are often used for skin care products and spray fragrances.


Bullet wholesale perfume bottles are a great way to stock up on all of the scents that you love and need to sell. These bottles come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they can be hot-stamped, labeled, assembled, and warehoused to keep them in great condition. There are so many different uses for these bottles that you will be sure to find one that works for your brand. These are available in both stock and JIT delivery.