• Wholesale Pallet Of Leather Handbags, Totes, And Wallets


    Wholesale Pallet Of 100 Genuine Leather Handbags, Totes, And Wallets

    The styles are stunning!

    These mouthwatering bags will make your customers your biggest fans.

    Made in India, from goatskin. 

    This is a great item for boutiques that want to stand out from the competition!

    Take your sales to another level with this super special closeout product line.

    Your price is only $2.99 each!

    These handbags were being sold by the designer for an average price of $30 each!

    Goatskin is slightly softer and tougher than cow leather and is lightweight, comfortable, supple, flexible, and water-resistant.

    You will receive an assortment of 500 beautiful items, as seen in the pictures.

    Orders are packed with a variety of different styles, colors, and sizes.

    These items can be great sellers for boutiques, flea market vendors, and online sellers. 

    You can have the bags embroidered, emblazoned with your own logo or brand, or sold as they are.

    The options are only limited by your imagination.

    The bags are a great match for boutiques that sell dresses, and other elegant accessories and clothes.