Wholesale Pallet Of Gildan 2nds Irregular T-shirts


Wholesale Pallet Of Gildan 2nds Irregulars 5.4 oz. 100% Cotton T-shirts

600 T-shirts on a pallet.
Size: Assorted sizes from small to 2 XL. Note, since these are 2nds, every box can have a different
assortment of sizes and colors. There is no assurance of receiving any specific color or size, although
generally there is a mixture of all sizes and colors.

Colors: Assorted
    • 5.4 oz. 100% Cotton.
    • 2nds irregulars may contain holes and/or stains on the clothing. 
    • Although the percentage can vary, based on supplier feedback, approximately 30-40% of the t-shirts can have noticeable damages.
    • Flea market vendors and discount retailers generally sell these t-shirts for up to $1.25 each.