Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes


The Air Max Shoes from Nike is quite a popular wholesale product among kids and adults as they have a number of nice features that really stand out. After all, the shoes are produced by Nike, an internationally well-known brand. They're also perfect for wearing around the house or to the gym because they can be worn with many outfits. The first thing that will come to mind regarding these shoes is the color. They're bright red and white combination. So, what's so great about them? Here are the best reasons why kids like them.

One reason why kids like them is that the color scheme is really bright. When they're running, jumping or just playing around the playground, these shoes can be really useful as they make everything much easier for them. Since the shoe has a bright color, they can easily catch the attention of the other kids and they'll want to play with them. Another great thing about these bright air units is that they give the same effect like those seen on basketball teams. These bright colors create a sense of energy, which gives a sense of positivity in the kids.

Another reason why kids like the Air Max Shoes is because of the durability of the design elements of these shoes. This bright air unit is made using the best materials available to make sure it lasts long. The upper part of the shoe is made from full-grain leather. It is padded, so it's really comfortable. The sole is made from rubber so it can endure the pressure of kids' foot.

You might think that the high quality leather upper and rubber sole are sufficient for durability, but this isn't the case. Leather is great for this kind of shoes as it adds a lot of class and elegance. Another good thing about the Air Max colorways is that there are a wide variety of colorways to choose from. With the wide array of colorways, it is very easy for parents to pick the most appropriate pair for their child. Since the air-light range has different style statements, the parents should be able to pick the perfect pair for their child.

The latest air max models are really trendy. The bright colors of these shoes have always been a favorite among the younger generation. Even toddlers love wearing them. When choosing an air max shoe for your store, you should be very careful in making your choice. A very popular pair of these shoes is the Air Max Bright Plaid.

One of the most popular styles of air max shoes is the Air Max Plaid High Gloss. This shoe has the most prominent and sleekest color scheme. In fact, many of the online sites selling these shoes offer free shipping for those who buy two pairs of these shoes. This white air max colorway makes a great pair for a formal occasion. If you want a simple but elegant look, then the high gloss black air max colorway is what you need.

There are also other great colorways of air max plus tuned available. If you want to take a different approach in making your wardrobe choices, then you should definitely consider buying a pair of these shoes. Some of the most popular colorways are the soft pink/red, purple/blue, and the classic black/gold. Of course, these colorways will cost a bit more than the rest, but they are worth it for the unique design.

For those who love fashion, then the Air Max Plus Tuned Plaid is an ideal choice. This comfortable and stylish shoe is perfect for every day use. You can choose from a number of beautiful designs, such as the double-stitching leather strap and the laces up the backside of the shoe. If you want something that has a little bit more of an edge to it, then you should definitely look for the air 90 Plaid Colorway. This air max Plus model features rubber soles, while the upper part features shiny embroidery and sequins.

Although it can be tempting to purchase Nike shoes through wholesalers listed through DHGate or Alibaba, you need to ensure that you are purchasing original and authentic footwear. You should contact Nike to ascertain as to whether the shoes you see being offered by a supplier are authentic and authorized.

One approach to buying brand name footwear at below wholesale prices, whether Nike or other brand name shoes is by purchasing overstock and store return pallets of footwear. Department stores will often liquidate their overstock and store return footwear through auction platforms such as Bstock and Liquidation.com, and through wholesalers.

Consider visiting Nike Factory Stores, since they can be a great source for heavily discounted merchandise, including footwear.

Below are the addresses for a few New York and New Jersey Nike Factory Stores:

You can also check out this link to see if Nike has any Air Max shoes on clearance. If the clearance price is low enough, you might be able to buy the shoes at a price that allows you to enjoy a good profit margin when it comes to reselling the shoes:


You can also contact Nike directly to set up a wholesale account: