• Wholesale Mad And Cracked Magazine Vintage Collection


    Wholesale Mad And Cracked Magazine Vintage Collection

    This lot is a collection of vintage collectible magazines

    published by Mad and Cracked.

    Mad and Cracked where two competitors

    that published magazines that spoofed and

    lampooned current political events, sporting

    events, movies, and TV shows.

    They made fun of various popular characters

    such as Darth Vader, Superman, Batman,

    Rambo, Mr. T, and E.T.,

    as well as covered movies and TV shows such

    as the A-Team, Star Wars, Mash, and GI Joe.

    The humor was definitely sharp and


    This collection contains over 200 issues

    published in the 1970's and 1980's.

    If you loved that era, you will be love

    the nostalgic memories that these

    magazines will produce.

    The issues are all reader copies

    and are in well read conditions.

    A few of the issues are either missing their

    covers, or their covers are close to

    becoming detached.

    This is a great collection for a true

    collector, and can possibly have

    a good potential for eBay, antique store,

    or flea market sales.