• Wholesale Fashion And Church Hats: Box Of 30 Hats


    Wholesale Fashion And Church Hats

    Below wholesale prices!

    Original Retail Values To $60

    Each box contains an assortment

    of 30 hats.

    Order two and receive

    a third box for free!

    Cotton and polyester hats.

    Spring, summer, fall, and winter styles


    You can request the season that you

    would prefer.

    Orders are packed with

    a variety of different hats.

    You can make your

    own selection in the warehouse.

    The majority of these hats originated from

    a major wholesaler in New York that

    closed his business after deciding to

    travel back to Japan.

    Original wholesale prices

    of up to $12 each!

    Church hats,

    Men's hipster hats,

    Men's dress hats,

    Hidden elastic chin strap (floppy hats),

    Wide brim design (floppy hats) for sun protection,

    Wide brim floppy hats,

    Short brim floppy hats,

    Wide brim tea floppy hats,

    Fedora hat Zebra print,

    Fedora hat Checkered print,

    Cap/Hat checkered,

    Assorted sizes and colors. Wholesale Only.