Wholesale Lot of 24 Silicone Cleaning Scraper


If your sponge is failing to remove those hardened bits of food from pots and pans, or from plates and bowls, this bendable silicone cleaning scraper is exactly what you need to slide those impurities right off your kitchen cooking tools and eating utensils! It beats a stainless steel scrubber or metal scraper as the soft silicone helps prevent scratches and damage. It features a fish-hook style hook at the top for easy storage, and the scraper portion extends up the side for easier access to clean the sides of bowls and pots. It's dishwasher safe and ready to help you keep your dishes squeaky clean. The scraper measures approximately 6.1" x 3.34" and comes in the colors gray and neon green.,Silicone Cleaning Scraper,