Wholesale Kasper Suit Review


Kasper is a well-known wholesale fashion brand that produces clothing, including office suits, for woman of all ages and sizes. 

Below are examples of some of the suits that Kasper produces.

1-Starting with a classic One-Button Blazer (EUR 79.94) that comes with a matching Straight Leg Trousers (EUR 60.17), both firm green colored that can be combined with the Printed Shell (EUR 44.90). The blazer itself has shoulder pads and vents at cuffs that will help you stylize the silhouette.

2- If you wish to change a little bit the color of your work-wear and get a little bit more of a risky outfit. Leave the black and the white to a side and give a chance to the Indigo One Botton Blazer (EUR 90.72). Combine with the same colored Embellished Straight-leg Pants (EUR 47.60) to create an elegant yet modern look.

3- When it comes to colors, Kasper really shows a huge variety in the palette that is guaranteed to help you spicy up your wardrobe. The Contrast-Trim Jacket (EUR 90.72) is a perfect item for that. To equilibrate the look, you can combine it with some black Pull-On Straight-Leg Pants (EUR 49.40). This will break the uniformity in your work-wear styles.

4- Another great jacket to level up your wardrobe is the Coullarless Houndstooth Jacket (EUR 109,04). This red and black print allows you to combine it with black pants or trousers. For example, you could use the Pull-On Straight-Leg Pants mentioned before. The jacket is made out of polyester and needs to be dry-cleaned; it contains some shoulder pads as well.

5- For a more classic style, Kasper has some neat jackets such as the Shawl-Collar Balzer (EUR 60.17). Combine it with some trousers that are the same color as the jacked to achieve an all-black look. This is considered to be one of the most elegant and serious styles.

6- As the winter is approaching, it is never a bad idea to have a long coat just in case it gets colder. The Abstract-Print Ottoman Jacket (EUR 44.90) is made out of linen and polyester. It has three quarter sleeves and its Cay Multi colored prints make it compatible with all-black looks.

7-Kasper also has a Notch Collar 2 Button Solid Strech Crepe Blazer (EUR 93.94) that is very feminine. It fits perfectly to the waist making it look thinner. Get creative by mixing it with long pants or maybe the Stretch Crepe Skimmer Skirt (EUR 72.83) to change it up.

8- The Metallic Quilted Topper Jacket (EUR 106.88) is another long coat that can be easily added to your work-wear wardrobe. Just combine it with a plain white or black turtleneck shirt and some grey or black pants.

9-For one of the last suits, there is the most popular classic collection that is made with the One-button Krepe Jacket (EUR 93.94) and Classic-Fit Crepe Pants (EUR 72.83). The collection comes in three different color; which are black, vanilla and fire red.

10-Finally, there is another collection that it is made out of the same Classic-Fit Crepe Pants mentioned before but they mixed it with a 2 Button Stretch Crepe Blazer(EUR 72.83). It may not look like much difference at first but the two buttoned detail completely alters the chest silhouette.

Those are some of the Kasper’s most popular suits, from classic figures to stunning colors; this brand has every piece you need for any occasion.

If you wish to contact Kasper’s Corporate Headquarters you could call to (212) 354-4311 or (800) 223-7698. If not, just head to their office at 1412 Broadway, New York, NY 10018.