Wholesale Jones New York Suits Review


When it comes to choosing the best wholesale suits for work, it sometimes can be difficult to find one of great quality, “easy care” and also affordable. Your customers might very well demand brand name clothing, but balk at the higher prices. Jones New York is a brand to keep in mind while searching for the perfect wholesale fashion for your shoppers.

1- The Washable suiting short 2 button jacket($129.50) is from a new line that JNY has released, where all the items are made of a material that will avoid getting wrinkles and can be machine washed. This jacket comes in three different tones; navy, black and stone that can be easily combined with some Season-less Stretch Sydney Pants ($79.50) and a white Cotton Shirt ($69.50) for a neat and elegant look.

2- Another suit to have in mind is the Open Jacket ($129,50) that is also machine washable and can be completed with some same-print Wide Leg Gaucho ($54,99) to complete your office work. The stripped print will make your legs more stylized and thin, making your body silhouette larger and taller.

3- In case you are craving for a less formal look, you can always try out wearing the Open Jacket commented before with some white washable suiting Sydney Pants ($79.50). These pants are presented in two different colors; stone and black. You can wash them in the washing machine if you set it in a 30 wash cycle without spin cycle.

4- One remarkable aspect of JNY women’s suits is that you have the chance to mix and match. For example, the white Ruched Black Blazer ($89,99) could easily be combined with any other pants. This dry-cleaning jacket made out of linen and polyester would be an asset to your wardrobe.

5- For a more masculine look, JNY counts with a Pinstriped Long Blazer ($139.50). It comes in a navy white combo and its long sleeves allow you to style them in ruched three-quarters, adding a great point of interest to your outfit.

6- The Washable Suiting 1 Button 3 Pockets Jacket ($129.50) it’s a must for an office-work wardrobe. A menswear inspired look but a subtitle feminine peplum waist detail makes this machine-washable jacket a great on-the-go work suit for women. Also comes in three colors; black, navy and stone.

7- The Navy Jacquard Boyfriend Blazer($ 129.50) is another item for a modern woman’s everyday working clothing. Combine it with Jacquard Bootcut Trousers ($ 79.50), to finally complete it with Elbow Sleeve Turtle Neck with Mixed Ribs ($ 49.50).

8- If you already have the Navy Jacquard Boyfriend Blazer try mixing it with the machine washable Jacquard Gaucho Pants ($ 38.99) to obtain a more laid-back look instead of the formal everyday style.

9- When it comes to pants, the black-white Grace Full Length Pants($79.50) are the key to an equilibrate wardrobe. These grey machine-washable pants are easy to combine with black, white and even grey blouses or turtlenecks.

10- Finally, the Ella Skinny Ankle Pant With Exposed Zippers ($ 79.50) is another remarkable clothing piece to have, that can be mixed by with a printed blouse or a Viper Print Wrap Peasant Top ($ 22.99), so that you can upgrade your look.

Each one of these different JNY women’s suits is created to find comfort for nowadays modern women and also for travelers.

You can purchase one of their suits in their official webpage. If you have any questions you can send then an email to customerservice@shop.jny.com or call 1-888-880-8730.

If you have inquires for Jones New York, you can contact their online customer service at 3040 East Ana Street, Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221. The service is opened form Monday through Friday 6AM - 7PM;Saturday and Sunday 6AM - 6PM.