• Wholesale Lot Of 1,000 Pieces Of Fashion Jewelry


    Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Cases

    Your price is for a lot of approximately 1,000 pieces of fashion jewelry.

    These wholesale fashion jewelry cases

    are overstock from an established 

    USA importer of fashion jewelry.

    The jewelry, which is made in China,

    is of pretty decent quality, and

    is regularly sold by the importer to

    his customers for as much as 

    $18.00 a dozen.

    Each lot contains a wide assortment of approximately 1,000 pieces.

    A few of the lots have over 1,500 pieces.

    The actual count per lot can vary,

    with some cases containing less

    or more pieces.

    Individual pieces can have estimated

    original retail values from about

    1.00 to 15.00 each.

    This fashion jewelry can be an 

    ideal item for mid range boutiques,

    discount stores, flea market vendors,

    and eBay sellers.

    Your price is approximately only .30 per piece!