• 1 Dozen Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Pieces $17.99


    Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

    This is a really nice selection of wholesale fashion earrings, 

    bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings, charms, and more.

    The majority of this fashion jewelry is overstock from 

    an established importer of fashion jewelry in the USA.

    If you were to buy this jewelry at the regular wholesale price 

    you would pay up to $3.00 per piece

    depending on the item.

    Since I purchase closeouts and remaining inventory

    I am able to pass on really good below wholesale prices 

    on the jewelry to you.

    ​You will receive an assortment of different items. 

    The actual inventory in the warehouse changes often

    so every shipment can be different.

    Your order will be packed with a variety

    of different styles.

    Your price is approximately $1.50 per piece.