• Wholesale Fashion Handbags Original Retail Values To $50


    Wholesale Fashion Handbags

    These high quality wholesale fashion handbags

    are beautiful.

    These are faux leather handbags, which

    is how many of the brand name handbags are made.

    The styles are very elegant, and the sizes are those

    preferred by many customers.

    If you take a look at the pictures

    you will see the caliber of these handbags,

    and how similar in fashion they are to

    some of the more expensive bags 

    being sold in boutiques and shopping malls.

    These handbags can be great items

    for boutiques, flea markets, eBay auctions,

    and Amazon listings.

    You can have the handbags 

    embroidered, or use them for your own private


    With original retail values of up to $50.00 each,

    your price is only $12.99 each.

    The actual selection may vary depending

    on the shipment.

    Orders are packed with a variety of

    different styles, colors, and sizes.

    You are welcome to visit the closeout

    warehouse to make your own selection.