Wholesale Fabric Suppliers in New York


If you're looking for wholesale fabric suppliers in New York, you've come to the right place. In this article, I'll tell you about the various options that are available. Among these suppliers, you can find MJ Cahn, Ron-Tex, Mood Fabrics, and Liba Fabrics Corp. Below, we'll discuss a few of the top choices. Check out these wholesale fabric suppliers in New York and start building a strong business relationship with one of the best in the world.

Mood Fabrics

You can find designer fabric at Mood Fabrics in Manhattan. In addition to wholesale fabric, you can find trimmings, sewing supplies, and buttons here. Mood Fabrics also has a well-stocked haberdashery. From denim to printed cotton, to jersey to leathers and furs, Mood Fabrics has it all. Whether you're looking to make a new dress, or need to update your wardrobe, Mood Fabrics has what you need.

Mood Fabrics was established in 1991 by designer Jack Sauma, a native of Sweden and Lebanon. His family settled in New York, where he opened his first store. Mood Designer Fabrics began as a wholesale fabric supplier and moved to retail sales in 1993. Since then, Mood has grown significantly and currently occupies 40,000 square feet. The store has a showroom and retail section in New York City.

If you're looking for wholesale fabric suppliers in New York, Mood Fabrics is a good place to start. The fabric store is huge and the inventory is not overflowing online. The best time to visit Mood is early in the morning when they're less busy and more organized. The store also has elevators for easy access. It's worth the drive if you're looking for quality, affordable upholstery fabric.

Mood Fabrics is one of the top fabric stores in New York. Their selection is diverse and includes knit fabrics, cotton, and silk blends. You can choose what you need by browsing their inventory by type. The prices here are higher, but you can buy a huge amount of fabric and save money at the same time. They also sell accessories, such as buttons and trims. If you're on a budget, you can purchase these items at wholesale prices.

Mood Fabrics, a renowned textile wholesaler in New York, is located in the Lower East Side, near the Tenement Museum. This store is open Monday through Friday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday, they are closed. In addition to its great selection of fabrics, it also offers free consultation and free samples. A visit to Mood Fabrics will help you find the right fabric for your project.

MJ Cahn

MJ Cohn is a leading wholesale fabric supplier in New York. It provides a variety of fabric in solid colors, rayon, cotton, and polyester. Their large inventory includes both imported and domestic fabrics for home decor and fashion. Whether you're planning to create a unique wedding dress or are looking for a special fabric for a sportswear brand, they have what you need. Fabrics from MJ Cahn will help you make your vision a reality.

MJ Cahn Co Inc. is another great place to buy wholesale fabric in New York. Founded in 1933, this company specializes in fabrics for general fashion and crafts. With a vast inventory of fabrics, you're sure to find something you love at a reasonable price. If you're looking for a high-quality, affordable option for your wholesale fabric needs, MJ Cahn is the place to go.

Liba Fabrics Corp.

Liba Fabrics Corp. is a fabric manufacturer and supreme trader based in the United States. Their products include Woven - Other, Non-woven & Spun, and Knit - Warp. In addition to providing customers with high-quality materials, they also develop various types of design fabrics. These textiles are used in a variety of garments and apparel, as well as ethnic wear items.

The company's focus is on custom fabrication and manufacturing. The company offers stage skirting, truss covers, and custom fabricated fabrics for a variety of markets. Since 1962, Liba has been a leading fabric manufacturer, providing a variety of fabrics to businesses around the world. The company can also customize fabrics to meet specific needs, including colors and patterns. As a result, Liba Fabrics is a one-stop shop for customers in the industry.


When you're looking for a reliable, affordable source for wholesale fabrics, you need to know about a couple of companies that deal with Ron-Tex. Although these companies are not large, their offerings are a great choice for small-scale businesses. MJ Cohn is a company that specializes in fabrics and sells them at a discount to consumers. Whether you need one yard of fabric or ten thousand, they'll have the material you need at a low price.

Whether you need fabric for your business or for personal use, you can find it through a reliable wholesaler in New York. Ron-Tex Fabric is a direct importer of high-quality fashion fabrics. With a large inventory, they supply fabrics for boutiques, sportswear brands, fabric stores, and event planners. The company carries a wide selection of fabrics for all purposes, from wedding dresses to sportswear.

If you're looking for a wholesale supplier of woven fabrics, a visit to Texworld New York is an excellent choice. This trade event connects global manufacturers with the US market. Visitors can see the latest trends in textile design and fashion and browse the on-trend apparel and fabrics on display. Also, Texworld New York also hosts Textile Talks and Lenzing Seminar Series. Attend these events to gain an insight into the current sourcing landscape and how to find the right fabric supplier for your needs.