Wholesale Dollar Store Suppliers in New York


Looking for a reliable and affordable wholesale dollar store supplier in New York? You've come to the right place! Here are a few great places to start your search. Price Master, HJ Closeouts, Galaxy Distributors, A&D Candy, and a lot more! Listed below are just a few of the many wholesale dollar store suppliers in New York. These firms will provide your store with cheap and high-quality goods at wholesale prices.

Price Master

If you're in the market for some high quality, low-priced merchandise for your retail or discount store, consider working with the Price Master Corporation. With thousands of items available, they serve many retail and discount stores in the area. From pain relievers to energy shots, vitamins, and supplements, to mints and grocery items, Price Master's inventory is sure to impress. For more information, visit their website.

Purchasing in bulk makes for a better deal on individual items, which will eventually mean more money in your pocket when you sell them. The majority of items from dollar stores never expire, so buying in bulk is generally less risky than purchasing in small quantities. Plus, you can always sell the items at a later date, when the price goes down. Online stores are the perfect complement to physical retail locations. They sell products with slim margins, so they're a perfect fit for dropshipping.

HJ Closeouts

If you're looking for a wholesale dollar store supplier in New York, you should check out HJ Closeouts. Their wholesale merchandise is incredibly cheap, and they sell everything from jewelry sets to electronic accessories. HJ Closeouts caters to both chain stores and independent retailers, and they also carry products for your dollar store that cost less than $1 each. These items are great for resale, too.

This wholesale dollar store supplier offers truckloads, pallets, cases, and smaller lots of inventory. The company also sells items that are popular in discount stores, including baby merchandise, cleaning supplies, health and beauty, and general merchandise. Many people have never even been inside a dollar store, and they may not realize the amount of time and thought that went into ordering merchandise for their establishment. Wholesale dollar store suppliers in New York can be found in HJ Closeouts' database, and they offer direct access to their merchandise, too.

There are many wholesale dollar store suppliers in New York. Because of the intense competition, they are able to offer some great deals to retailers. With so many dollar stores and 99 stores throughout the state, it's easy to find a great deal on wholesale items. HJ Closeouts is a family-owned business with over 50 years of experience. It has an extensive inventory, and everything is categorized online to make browsing and purchasing easy. And the customer service is second to none.

HJ Closeouts has three warehouse locations in New York. Prices here are FOB New York City and can be shipped via UPS, FedEx, or other carriers. They offer free shipping for orders over $250, and you can also buy by the case or pallet from them. There are a few types of products available on HJ Closeouts, but most of them are bulk items. When choosing wholesale dollar store suppliers, remember to find those that fit your needs best.

Galaxy Distributors

The KIKO Wholesale Group has a variety of items, including apparel, electronics, and home goods. Its website is user-friendly, with subcategories for a more detailed search. The company also offers free shipping and credit for referring customers. If you're looking for wholesale dollar store suppliers in New York, this family-owned business can provide you with the goods you need.

This wholesaler offers over 3000 different items for discount and convenience stores. They also have free shipping deals across the USA. They carry name brand closeout merchandise, including Disney, PetSmart, and Office Depot. They also sell party supplies and bath products. You can place an order on their website, pick it up in Los Angeles, or have it shipped to your door anywhere in the US. For more information about their products, visit their website today.

The company provides products for convenience and specialty stores in New York. Its primary facility is located in Pennsauken, NJ. It serves convenience stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, vending companies, and specialty stores in the region. The company is also a wholesale grocery distributor located in Denver, Colorado. It supplies grocery and convenience store products throughout the United States, and has a facility in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

A&D Candy

A&D Candy is a well-known wholesaler of closeouts and discount items. The company has a diverse range of products and is also a retailer of c-store items, such as hats, jewelry, and a variety of other items. They also carry items for the holiday season and raise awareness for breast cancer. The company has over 50 different brands and carries a wide variety of items for the dollar store.