Wholesale DKNY Dress Styles


DKNY is a legendary brand in the world of fashion. The brand initials stand for Donna Karan New York (DKNY). It was founded in 1984 by Donna Karan and her late husband Stephan Weiss. The brand provides wholesale fashion items for both men and women. Her collection provides shoppers with pieces that they can wear on a day to day basis. Each item communicates the energy and enthusiasm of New York. Below, I Describe 10 Different DKNY Dresses.

The A-Line Compression Dress

This dress presents a modern, structured take on the classic A-Line design. It presents tailored aesthetics such as a darted waist and a high neckline. Providing a contemporary silhouette, this dress is created from a compact knit which is of high quality. Hence, it is a very comfortable piece to wear. Available in classic navy, the dress retails for $179.

Silk Embroidered Dot Dress

Featuring a combination of traditional, relaxed design and tailored aesthetics, this dress is perfect for work and casual environments. The dress is made of superfine silk. Moreover, it has some unique features such as a high mock neck and long flounce sleeves. There are some tie fastenings on it decorated with contrasting polka dot embroidery. Available in classic navy or ochre colors, the dress retails for $209.

Slip Dress with a Front Slit

Light, airy and free, this dress is ideal for relaxing at home or casual errands throughout the day. It has a V-neck, adjustable shoulder straps and a fitted silhouette. The color tones of classic navy and oxide contrast with each other resulting in a wardrobe essential. Made of imported fabrics, the DKNY Slip Dress with a Front Slit is available for $179. 

Pure Mixed Media Dress

This is a shift dress that you can wear every day. It has a ribbed sweatshirt collar. Moreover, it has some back yoke details which create a silhouette of mixed media nature. Knee long and relaxed throughout, the Pure Mixed Media Dress from DKNY is a casual piece that can be worn in your home or around town. It has an oxide color and is available for $149. 

Side Pleat Sleeveless Dress

This dress is a creative combination of the traditional free flowing dress and creative, pleated side panels. It is available in classic navy color and has gold colored stitching. This contrasts with the color of the dress in an attractive way. The Side Pleat Sleeveless Dress is perfect for the modern woman who is constantly on the move. For $149, it is available at the DKNY web store.

Sleeveless Dress with Grommet Waist

Perfect for the Summer season, this DKNY dress is light, beautiful and relaxed. It has an intricately done grommet waist detail. Its neckline is curved and it has spaghetti strap fastenings too. It is made for a silhouette that is relaxed and can be worn at work and in casual environments too. The DKNY Sleeveless Dress with Grommet Waist is available for $149.
Half Button Front Dress

This piece from DKNY has a great combination of men's polo shirt and the free, feminine dress. It has button-up fastening and contrast trim detailing on the collar. Moreover, the Half Button Front Dress is made of soft silk and is black in color. The dress is available for $119.

Vintage Lace V-Neck Dress

With a classic design, this midi dress is granted new life by a complete lace design. It has a comfortable and elegant slip to guarantee comfort. DKNY designed it to be adobe in color. The lace patterns run across its bodice, its sleeves and its flared skirt too. Iconic and feminine in nature, the dress is available for $179. 

Cold Shoulder Floral Dress

This dress has a modern take on an essentially traditional dress. The Cold Shoulder Floral Dress is beautiful, feminine and contemporary in style. It has ruffles at the sleeves and a waist tie too. Designed on a foundation of the mini dress, this piece from DKNY is perfect for casual outings and cocktail parties. It is black and white in color. Moreover, it retails for $159.

Asymmetric pleated dress

With a tailored motif design, this dress from DKNY is a blend of classic and contemporary designs. It takes inspiration from the classic flared dress with a side panel which is pleated. Finished in black color, the dress is ideal for casual outings and office wear as well. For $179, you can get it at the DKNY web store.


DKNY is well known for combining different styles to create iconic wholesale fashion pieces. Some of them are described above. They are available online and fit a variety of seasons.