Wholesale Collectible DVDs Can Be Sales Superstars


You might think that due to the popularity of streaming services such as Netflix and Disney Plus, that the DVD market is dead.

On the other hand, there are still many profitable niches in the DVD movie business.

The wholesale category of collectible DVDs can be very financially rewarding since clients are buying DVDs

on impulse, for amusement, and as gifts.

Consider the above factors with the high perceived value of collectible DVDs, and you can see why it's such a rewarding business.

By understanding each factor you will certainly have the ability to potentially generate income by selling DVDs on Amazon, eBay, or at your local flea market.

Collectible DVD Tip# 1.

DVDs are bought on impulse. Whenever a product, especially one that is in demand, is offered at a small cost, and the product is easily provided to customers, as well as when that item can use an immediate benefit to the customer, it makes a wonderful impulse product.

DVDs fulfill both criteria due to the fact that they can be offered at a small cost, and also offer an instant advantage to the consumer.

As soon as the consumer gets home he can place the DVD right into his DVD player and begin enjoying it.

To catch DVD impulse sales you need to value your DVDs at below standard costs.

Your goal is for the customer to make a quick purchase since he can immediately acknowledge the savings that she is benefiting from.

Collectible DVD Tip# 2.

DVDs offer a high level of enjoyment value. Consider what a DVD film can offer a customer. Besides the noticeable satisfaction of the movie, the customer can enjoy additional scenes such as mistakes, alternate closings, deleted scenes, as well as behind the scenes video footage.

There are various other usages such as utilizing the DVD to create a celebration, viewing the DVD on a day when going to a movie is not an option (such as during Covid), or having the DVD play on a long train ride or flight.

Remember, since you are dealing with collectible DVDs, there is an additional fervor by your potential customers. Collectors want to savor the experience of watching an exclusive director cut of a Star Wars film, or a film produced in the 1960’s that features Spiderman.

Collectible DVD Tip# 3.

DVDs make excellent presents. They are easy to acquire, easy to pick, easy to cover, and easy to supply.

Even if the gift giver doesn't know the exact tastes of the receiver, he can approximate what type of a motion picture he would enjoy. 

Since you are focusing on collectibles, you might want to become familiar with the Pocket Guide To Collecting Movies on DVD.

There are also websites that can help you ascertain the value of a DVD, as well as sell it for more than you might be able to sell the DVD for on eBay, or in your own shop. Take a look at:




You might also consider setting up a booth at a Wizard Comic Book convention, or at the New York Comic Con. You can then buy, sell, and trade DVDs, directly with collectors.