Wholesale Clothing in the NYC Garment District


If you're looking for a place to buy wholesale clothing, New York City's garment district might be the perfect place to start. Many of the wholesale shops here offer high-quality pieces, and the prices reflect this quality. Before making a purchase, check the seams, fabric weight, and notions of the clothing. You may also earn affiliate commissions from these businesses. So, what are you waiting for? Check out these wholesale shops now!

Prime Trading Wholesale Inc.

Prime Trading Wholesale Inc. is a company that specializes in off-price clothing. Founded in 1986, this company has grown rapidly. The company sources its clothing from the most respected manufacturers in the industry. Each design adheres to high quality standards and is developed with a passion for fashion. Its staff consists of passionate and dedicated individuals who take pride in creating the most fashionable clothing available for everyone. Founded by two brothers, Prime Trading Wholesale Inc. is the company of choice for many people.

Located in Marsiling Drive, Singapore, Prime Trading And Wholesale Inc. was incorporated on 02 December 2014. The company has a Unique Entity Number (UEN) of 53284738E, which it received on 2014-12-05 00:00:00. As of February 2019, the company has 1 active director. There is no additional information about Prime Trading Wholesale Inc., but there are no other public records that can be accessed without an investor's permission.

Golden Road Fashion

There are many reasons to visit the Garment District in New York City. First of all, it is a hub for fashion designers, retailers, and wholesalers. You can find an endless variety of clothing, from dresses to jeans. The quality of these pieces can vary greatly, depending on the price. When purchasing a piece of clothing, look for quality in the seams, fabric weight, and notions. Then, if you're in the market for wholesale clothing, check out the prices.

Once upon a time, the garment center was bustling with activity. Workers congregated outside of factories and found inexpensive eating establishments. City newspapers even took note of the daily noise, labeling it "blight" or "showcase."

Another place to find wholesale clothing in the Garment District is Golden Road Fashion, which is based in Ridgewood, NY. They have hundreds of unique items on hand and have no minimum order requirement. Spring Import is another family-owned business that designs and manufactures wholesale clothing for many major retailers. The showroom is located at 1407 Broadway, Suite 715, New York, NY 10018. You can purchase high-end apparel from this store at wholesale prices.


If you are in the market for a high-quality men's shirt or a pair of jeans, you can find a large variety of wholesale clothing at GrownAndSewn. Located at 116 Franklin Street, NY 10013, the company has been featured in various magazines and newspapers. Its signature khaki pants have earned the company an enviable reputation. You can order from GrownAndSewn online or visit their store in New York City. It is a safe and reliable online store, and shipping is free for orders of $100 or more within the continental US.

The garment industry in New York City is famous for producing high-quality wholesale pieces. The city's garment district is home to many wholesale shops, though prices vary. When buying from these stores, check seams, fabric weight, and notions to make sure that the piece is of high quality. You can also earn affiliate commissions by referring a friend to GrownAndSewn.

When it comes to buying apparel, many consumers are increasingly interested in purchasing "made in the United States" items. More than half of American consumers say that U.S. products are superior to those produced overseas. And with such strong consumer sentiment, it's not surprising that the owner of Grown & Sewn, Rob Magness, has become one of the top wholesale clothing companies in the city.


If you are interested in wholesale clothing, you may have heard of the New York City Garment District. Located in Midtown Manhattan, this district is a hub for fashion designers, manufacturers, and icons. While this district is crowded most weekdays, it is less so on Saturdays. However, this business does not suit everyone. First, you should have a clear idea of what type of clothing you want to sell and what type of customer you plan to attract. Second, you must have a clear strategy and identify which category you want to target.

Third, you should be aware of ELKEL's pricing policies. This wholesale clothing NYC company offers free shipping on orders over $300 and same-day deals. While ELKEL may be a boutique for fashionistas, their prices are reasonable. Those looking for a new wardrobe should consider visiting the company's website. This site offers a variety of clothing, from jeans to outerwear. There are even shoes and accessories available for purchase.

A third option is to contact NY Wholesalesupplier, a company that directly deals with the top Chinese clothing manufacturers. Their reputable reputation as one of the city's leading import-export companies means that their prices are the best in town. With highly professional employees and a trustworthy record as a wholesale clothing supplier, NY Wholesalesupplier is dedicated to offering buyers the best customer service. The company also ships its stock worldwide and uses USPS tracking so you can be sure your clothing is safe and secure.

Volume Apparel

For those who are interested in starting a luxury apparel company, the NYC Garment District may be the perfect place to start. There are low barriers to entry, flexible hours and low overhead, and decades of experience and expertise in one square mile. But the most important factor to consider before opening your own business is whether you have the talent and resources to make your dream a reality. If you don't have any experience in fashion design, or if you're just a creative type, you may want to consider locating in the garment district.

While the Garment District was once the center of global textile manufacturing, recent global trends have changed how the region operates today. Although the Garment District remains an important center for the industry, fewer jobs are available today. Historically, the Garment District served as a hub for global clothing production. In recent years, this area has declined as a garment manufacturing center due to high rents in Manhattan. Meanwhile, global trends have caused domestic manufacturers to outsource their manufacturing to cheaper markets overseas.

With a vast catalog of wholesale clothing, the NYC Garment District is a great place to start a wholesale fashion business. It offers quality pieces at reasonable prices. While you're buying wholesale clothing, be sure to check the seams, fabric weight, and notions. As a bonus, you may even be able to earn affiliate commissions from your purchases. But you need to remember that quality is not cheap - you have to consider your budget before you make the final decision.

Spring Import

If you're looking for cheap and high-quality clothes, try Spring Import Clothing NYC. The clothing wholesaler accepts Paypal, credit cards, and money transfers for payments, giving you the peace of mind that comes with secure payment methods. Plus, you can enjoy a royal shopping experience at a reasonable price when you order in bulk. Spring Import is a great clothing supplier for women. They offer a membership program for members to receive exclusive discounts and seasonal shipments.

While the garment district in New York City is known for high-quality wholesale pieces, the quality is often dependent on the price. Check the seams, fabric weight, and notions before you make a final decision. While you're browsing, you may earn affiliate commissions from the purchases you make. Listed below are some tips to make the most of your New York City shopping experience. Spring Import Clothing NYC Garment District

A small but mighty shopping experience. The garment district is small enough to wander around on your own, but large enough to accommodate multiple visits. You can also arrange a private or group tour of some of the best stores in the area. To get the most out of your visit, you can also purchase a variety of goods from various merchants. And if you want to shop in style, Spring Import has over 300 designers.