Wholesale Clothing Business In Trinidad


Trinidad is an island in the Caribbean near the coast of Venezuela. As in a former province of England, the national language is English, although French is also spoken. The oil and gas industry is essential as Trinidad is one of the world's largest exporters of LPG. Due to the high rates, the local population has a high salary for each resident. 

Trinidad enjoys a solid style scene that celebrates the annual occasion of Fashion Week during which the designers of the neighborhood present their latest events. Trinidad's clothing companies also import US branded clothing from mainly based in New York and Florida.

The interest in American-style dresses is particularly great as many people in New York have family members and companions. These parents and companions open them up to American ideas and arouse the keen desire to see what they see. Since Trinidad is in the Caribbean, any clothing should be enough for late spring. Polo shirts, cargo shorts, sports pants, sun dresses and church suits are the most popular items, both in everyday life and at work. The youth clothing market is growing with increasing population.

Due to the increased population clothe marketing has turned to be a very popular business, here am going to List and describe 5 clothing wholesalers in Trinidad which are;

Three Stars Sportswear (Rossi) Ltd:

The Three Star Sportswear Rossi Ltd is exceptional compared to other discount clothing companies in Trinidad and Tobago. The organization works in the clothing industry with some classifications of things to buy. It is located at 50 Boundary Rd., San Juan, where customers can buy the best items at discounted prices. The company is present in the territory of the San Juan-Laventille Regional Company and serves customers in Trinidad and neighboring countries.

Zoom Caribbean:

Zoom Caribbean is a discount clothing company in Trinidad and Tobago. If you are looking for cheap clothes at a great price, try the Zoom Caribbean. Zoom Caribbean is located on El Socorro 1 in El Socorro and is suitable for both local and local guests.

Torry Hosein Exclusive:

Likewise, as the name implies, you will encounter discounted clothing during your visit to this organization. Torry Hosein Exclusive is located in Gulf City Resort, La Romain, Trinidad and Tobago. The amazing thing about this organization is that on many occasions you can find clothes at reasonable special prices. Regardless of your financial limit, Torry Hoein Exclusive lets you discover and buy substandard clothing.

Elgee Investments Ltd:

Elgee Investments Ltd is a huge distributor and distributor of textures and apparel. This merchant is located in the Trade Zone El Socorro, Ext.Road, San Juan Trinidad. It is probably the largest trader to discover in the region of the Regional Corporation of San Juan-Laventille.

Yufe Fabric Stores Chain:

This is a remarkable example among the clothing wholesalers, which is to be discovered in Trinidad and Tobago with the largest business. It is perfectly located in El Socorro Ext.Rd., San Juan. This distributor negotiates many textures and allows customers to choose the clothes they want. It mainly works in the Regional Corporation of San Juan-Laventille as the main base.