Wholesale Calvin Klein Dress Styles


One of the most often requested clothing products that I am asked for is wholesale Calvin Klein dresses.

To make a good impression through dressing, select a classy dress! Calvin Klein has availed many options such that one cannot help but look effortlessly glamorous in a dress. Calvin Klein collection dresses women to perfection. The brand has several types of dresses as they have been creating elegant women wears for decades.

Sheath dress

Women with a pear-shaped figure look amazing in this type of dress. A sheath has simple, straight shape-skimming with the body and hits around the knees, does not require much attention when wearing it. It does not need accessorizing as it presents a classy, simple style.

A-line dress

Calvin just has what is needed to balance out a large chest. They have a fashionable A-line dress that fits well in a natural waist as it gradually widens creating an attractive fan shape making the top and bottom appear balanced. The dress completes various occasions with any complementary accessories to make it look even more flattering.

Wrap dress

The wrap dress will change the body shape that appears rectangle or boyish. It creates curves out of nowhere! The dress creates curvy hips, shapely shoulders, and a defined waist as it wraps around the middle of the body to tie it with a sash. The V-shaped neckline makes it look even more glamorous.

Swing dress

Dresses that shows off shoulders and legs draw away attention from the middle creating a super flattering look for a body shape that is more in the middle. A swing dress fit through the shoulders swings out and then skims the belly drawing attention away from the center.

Empire-waist dress

Empire flows like a swing dress only that it has a definite waist sitting just under the bust line. The dress offers a solution to the petite figure or a tummy. The dress gives a tall and sleek look presenting a beautiful figure-line. Empire dresses are available in short, medium, and full, cocktail, and prom nightgowns.

Shift dress

A short and adorable dress is the best choice for special times like causal date, college fest or adventurous trip with colleagues. Keep your heels and hold the chin high as a shift dress is for everything and every time.

Maxi-long dress

Maxi long provide the effortless style craved by many women. Fashionistas with a taste for large prints and patterns will have to go for this dress. The dress includes debonair settings including multiple, side or front slits.

Ruched Horseshoe neck sheath dress

The dress presents an iconic sheath style. Its look is flattering because of the included cut-out neckline that draws attention to the upper body. The dress reaches to the knees to show off your legs.

Cold-shoulder dress

A cold-shoulder comes with an amazing style with its graceful cut-out on the shoulders but maximum coverage. It is a neat trick that every woman must try to pull off for that glamorous and warm look.

Two-toned dress

The dress looks like a blouse and a pencil skirt that comes with a calm and confident feeling. You can style it with simple accessories to make it look more sophisticated.