Wholesale Buying At The Minneapolis Mart


Connecting With Reps at the Minneapolis Mart

To connect with reps for your company's product line at the Minneapolis Mart, visit the show on Mondays or the last day of the show. Reps are available to discuss your product line with you and answer any questions you may have. You can request a Buyer's Guide that lists all the Minneapolis Mart reps' names, phone numbers, and product lines represented. You can even contact these reps directly if you are interested in selling their products.

Line Syte

The Minneapolis Mart is a 200,000 square-foot wholesale permanent showroom facility that features 140 individual showrooms, four galleries, a cafe and lobby. The Minneapolis Mart was looking to upgrade its Wi-Fi network because the existing system was comprised of consumer-grade equipment that couldn't support the growing demand for Internet access. Line Syte was the perfect solution for this complex network infrastructure. Line Syte designed a scalable, high-speed, self-reliant WiFi network for the Minneapolis Mart.

The Minneapolis Mart is a one-stop shop for wholesale merchandise in the Twin Cities metro area. Located in Minnetonka, MN, this showroom offers a diverse assortment of merchandise. Its clean and well-lit showrooms always smell like candy or candles. The entire environment is professionally managed and maintained, and is the perfect place to host a business meeting. And the best part of all, the Minneapolis Mart is open seven days a week.

The Minneapolis Mart is a 200,000 square-foot permanent wholesale showroom facility with over 140 individual showrooms. It also includes a lobby, a cafe, and four galleries. It was time to upgrade the Wi-Fi network. Its existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, made up of consumer-grade equipment, was not scalable and could not support the increasing demand for Internet access. In addition to its scalable, high-speed network, ZyXEL Wireless LAN Controllers, Access Points, and Switches were installed throughout the entire facility.

Installation at Minneapolis Mart

The UMAGA staff will make the connection between you and a rep at the Minneapolis Mart. Visit the Minneapolis Mart Mondays or the last day of a show to meet with reps and discuss your product line. Request a Buyer's Guide that lists the names of Minneapolis Mart reps, their phone numbers, and the lines they represent. Make a list of the lines you're interested in and discuss them with reps during your visit.