• Wholesale Business entrepreneurs


    Wholesale Business entrepreneurs 

    Wholesale business is a trend that lots of entrepreneurs are working with. The competition is big and there are many

    companies involved in this field, now trying to bring more innovations and

    creative ways for distribution of goods. If you are ready to face the risk and

    not make mistakes, then this can be your new source for profit.

    The main responsibility of the wholesale distributers (also called middlemen), is to buy goods from the

    producers and manufacturers, create smaller packages and sell them to the


    To start with, like every business, the wholesale is not very easy to run. You

    must be familiar with the distribution chain and how to make your way through

    it. You need to have very competitive marketing and management skills. This is

    the key better visibility and attractiveness. At first you will experience all the

    difficulties that come with selling from manufacturers to small shops, but with

    good management the success is inevitable.

    The first step for involving with this kind of work is to be clear about the type of goods that

    you want to distribute. Choose one specific type that you are most experience

    about (for example: wholesale of electrical goods). Don’t go with variety at

    the beginning because this is not efficient and the risk is big.

    With the big fame of the internet and the viral world, everybody wants to offer their services

    online and make profit from this. That’s why one common wholesale business is the

    online selling. The big business innovation nowadays is the e-shopping and

    there are some e-companies that include wholesale services. For example, being

    the middleman selling on e-bay can make you rich in no time. Of course, if you

    get noticed. This means, if you know how to start and play it smart, the

    success will come and you won’t be easy to defeat. That’s why you need

    marketing, and more specific: Digital Marketing.

    Besides the online trade, there are many traditional wholesale companies that are famous and

    successful. They are developing their services continuously and they they work

    perfectly well.

    Some of them are:

    Altronics Australia – established in 1976, this wholesale fully owned and operated company, supplies electronic

    components and finished goods to retailers in Australia and all around the

    world. Famous brand, ranked in the best ones, high level of marketing and


    AmerisourceBergen – wholesale company based in the US, selling drugs and other related services to a wide variety of

    health care providers located in the United States.

    Bama Gruppen – the Norway’s largest private distributor of fruits, vegetables and flowers, is engaged in wholesale trading

    of imported and Norwegian-produced goods. Established in 1886, this is one of

    the most famous wholesale businesses in Norway.

    To sum up, the wholesale business can be tricky. The important thing is to know

    your responsibilities and what is your role. Try not to make mistakes, because

    you are the chain in the trade and mistakes can can cost you your job.