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    Entrepreneurship requires that goods be distributed from oneplace to another with an attempt of making profits. Just like any other business,a retail business ensures that the producer meets the everyday needs of theconsumer by simply dispatching different wares to prospective buyers.

    Retail Arbitrage tools for online sellers

    It may be very cumbersome for a retailer to solely rely onhis own efforts in mining business information as keeping track of certain

    details such as ranks and price listings may be very tricky. New tools and ideas have however been devisedto help in the implementation of a simpler purchasing process that not onlyhelps to save time but also money spent in product purchase. Some of the core retail arbitrage tools foronline sellers that have been incorporated to perform these functions include;

    Amazon Seller App for Android and Apple devices

    This scouting app enables sellers to validate basic product information like ranks and reviews, sales and prices by scanning barcodes. The main advantage of this app is that it updates retail sellers on restricted products in the market therefore powering one to sell goods in perfect condition.

    Product Evaluation Game Changers

    Product Evaluation majorly prompts buyers to dig into information that most sellers have isolated therefore enabling them to boost

    their sales. 

    Inventory Lab and Scoutify

    This is a scouting app version that is actually paid for with the ability to scan barcodes quickly as compared to the Amazon app. Inventory lab comes in handy especially in the tracking of purchase prices and product listings on Amazon. 

    Camel Camel Camel and the Camelizer (Chrome Firefox)

    The Camelizer plug-in displays all information related to third party sellers, their pricing and sales rank data. In addition to that,

    the camelizer also enables sellers to keep a track of price drops within the past 7 days for any flip opportunities.

    Keepa (Chrome) (Firefox)

    This retail arbitrage tool is similar with the camelizer only that it depicts information when Amazon runs out of stock therefore

    enabling retail sellers to outsource their goods. For example, if Amazon runs out of stock for a hair clipper that goes for $10 and the next price that is a bit lower is about $30, a retail seller would probably debate on whether to wait patiently for

    Amazon to restock the product or to purchase the one that goes for $30

    Price Blink

    The price blink plug-in was adapted due to failure of the Invisible Hand to fully perform its functions. This online retail tool

    simplifies the process of finding the lowest prices on a range of online sites therefore aiding in profit realization


    This is a new Google Chrome plug-in that works on a selected number of retailer’s sites by showing icons for different online websites on the search page. For example, if one wants to purchase beauty products on Wal-Mart, RetailAzon will display search results for eBay, Google shopping and Amazon on the result page which one can click on directly. RetailAzon also helps to save time that would have otherwise been used in searching, copying and pasting by simply shortening the procedure.


    Retail Arbitrage tools for online sellers have come in handy over the years as they have stirred up the reduction of buyer uncertainties

    such as time wastage and impulse buying.