• Wholesale Brand Name Girl's Clothing


    Wholesale Brand Name Girl's

    This lot contains many
    dresses, as well as blouses,
    shorts, shorts,
    skirts, sets, and more. 

    About a third of the lot
    is dresses!

    All of this clothing is a
    closeout from the top
    American department store. 

    You will receive
    brands such as:

    Calvin Klein, 
    Rare Editions, 
    Bonnie Baby,
    Blueberri Boulevard, 
    Kandy Kiss,
    Bleached Sand,
    First Impressions, 
    Sally Miller,
    Speechless Kids,
    Jayne Copeland, 
    Tommy Hilfiger, 
    and more!

    Original retail values
    of up to 
    84.00 each.

    Your price is only
    6.99 each!

    Your order will be packed with a variety of different brands styles colors and sizes.