• 100 Wholesale Brand Name And Fashion Fall Kids Clothes


    Wholesale Brand Name And Fashion Fall Kids Clothing

    You will receive a

    fashionable assortment

    of brand name and 

    fashion winter

    clothing for boys and girls.

    The majority of the clothing

    is overstock from a major

    American department store.

    You can receive brands such as:

    Carter, Disney,

    Nike, Ralph Lauren, Kids Headquarters, 

    French Toast, Absorba, First Impressions,

    and more.

    Please watch the video to see

    what a sample box looks like.

    Every assortment is different.

    The boxes are packed with a

    variety of different brands, styles, colors,

    and sizes.

    The clothing have original retail values

    of up to $50.00 each.

    You are welcome to visit the

    warehouse to select your

    own box.