Wholesale BCBG Dress Styles


BCBGMAXAZRIA is one of the top fashion houses today. Currently owned by Marquee Brands and the Global Brands Group, the fashion house was founded by Max Azria, a Tunisian designer. The brand is well known for their hip and stylish wholesale dresses and women's clothing. The brand has even worked with celebrities such as Miley Cyrus. Their dresses are fabulous and made of exceptional materials.  

Take a look at these ten wholesale dress styles from the brand.

Maegan Metallic Jacquard Halter Dress

Featuring a combination of deep blues, blacks and bronze, this dress from BCBG is a masterpiece. The Maegan Metallic Jacquard Halter Dress is made of a shimmery, soft and figure-hugging fabric. With a high front hem, this dress is designed for nights out on the town or sophisticated cocktails. It is therefore light and easy to wear. The Maegan Metallic Jacquard Halter Dress is available for $318.

Lydia Floral Lace Dress

Designed in a deep cranberry color, this is a perfect little dress for going out or for a cocktail party. It features a silky under-fabric and lace decorations throughout. The Lydia Floral Lace Dress has a plunging neckline and notched sides. They make it stylish and worth every penny on its $368 price tag.

Salma A-line Dress

Playful and sophisticated, this is a fun dress from BCBG. Made in bright Chambray color, the dress has an A-line design on it. Moreover, it has thin shoulder straps which allow you to show some skin. The Salma A-line Dress costs $298. 

Miney Color-Blocked Assymetrical Dress

This dress is perfect to wear for an elegant affair or simply to look beautiful in your home or at work. The Miney Color-Blocked Assymetrical Dress has a Spanish Moss Combo color on it. The black color blocks perfectly with the grey color. For $138, you can get this dress at the official BCBG web store.

Selena Lace Halter Dress

Zig-zag patterns characterize the appearance of this elegant dress. Maz Azria maintained the zig-zag on the edges of this dress, its sleeves and the hem too. The Selena Lace Halter Dress has a combination of black, blue and gold colors. It is available for $398. 

Jaylynn Mesh Patchwork Dress

Specially designed to make work wear look elegant, this dress is a versatile piece for your wardrobe. The Jaylynn Mesh Patchwork Dress is made in an off-white fabric that has a mesh design on it. Moreover, the neck design is notched to reveal your shoulders in a classy way. The dress costs $198 at the official BCBG web store.

Ada Shibori-Print Dress

Done in a combination of white and royal blue, this is a top of the line dress from BCBG. It has diagonal white print on its upper part. The bottom features horizontal prints along the hem too. Max Azria had the front hem rise up higher than the back to reveal your legs in a classy way. The Ada Shibori-Print Dress costs $178. 

Elina Embroidered Tulle Gown

Perfect for a dinner party, the Elina Embroidered Tulle Gown is an exotic dress from BCBG. Made using a shadow blue fabric, the dress has flowery designs on its upper part. They extend to the lower section in acute triangular extensions. The Elina Embroidered Tulle Gown costs $498. 

Arsley Deco-Knit Dress

This is a highly textured, little dress from BCBG. The Arsley Deco-Knit Dress features a black and white zig zag combination pattern. The neck is elegant, shoulders are full and the hem is high. Hence, the dress is classy and perfect for work or a cocktail party. You can get it for $268. 

Rosalya Neon Triangles-Print Dress

Full of pattern and deep texture, this dress is a perfect party dress. The Rosalya Neon Triangles-Print Dress has a design which is a combination of inky blue and gold. The triangles are arranged in horizontal and diagonal patterns too. For $158, it is available for you at the BCBG web store.


BCBG has a collection of classy, urban and comfortable dresses. They are organized into categories such as casual, work, Cut-Out, cocktail, Little Black Dress and special occasion dresses. The ones described above are part of their collection.