Wholesale Apparel Sales Representative


A sales representative is taught how to sell the features of a product.A knowledgeable sales person who is able to answer questions to the prospective customers without consulting the boss,or referring to a catalog is required to ensure increase in sales.Sales representatives should look professional and have confidence. When a sales person is confident,customers trust them more.Having great knowledge about a product boosts your confidence.

Apparel wholesalers employ their sales representatives to make sales of their apparel merchandise. Established companies such as Ralph Lauren, R&M Richards, and Calvin Klein, as well as up and coming designers, need salespeople to establish and maintain connections with department store buyers for national retailers like Macy's, Marshalls, and Walmart.

Apparel sales representatives work internally using the resources of the wholesalers.Sales representatives are in most cases paid a basic salary and in addition receive commissions on sales generated.These sales representatives form an important part of business for apparel wholesalers and their potential success.The primary goal of the job is for these sales representatives to make prospective buyers interested in the various types of apparel and to close the sale for the apparel wholesaler.

The process of marketing and selling is extensive which can take several days or months.An apparel sales representative promotes the various types of clothing offered by the wholesaler either by telephone or in person, thus being able to explain the features and benefits of their clothing( and also give feedback to questions from their prospective customers.

Apparel wholesalers that use sales representatives offer various kinds of apparel which includes pajamas,trousers,jackets,t-shirts,shirts,shoes etc.It is important for these sales representatives have timely information about new clothing in their range and changing taste and preferences of their customers. Attending trade shows, training seminars and apparel launches is of great benefit as it help sales representatives to stay updated about the changes in the market,new apparel products as well as changing market trends.

Meeting fellow apparel sales representatives and clients can be achieved at conferences where new apparel product developments are discussed.If an apparel product is complicated and a sales representative lacks knowledge, they are able to team up with fellow apparel sales representative who have the knowledge and together they have the ability to complete the sales cycle.

Some wholesale sellers spend most of their time on the telephone.They sell apparel,receive orders,and solve problems or complaints about the apparel products offered by the wholesaler.These sales representatives usually stays in the office as they are responsible for getting new customers on board by calling individuals or organizations to establish a contact point for the apparel sale.They also arrange meetings for the outside sales representatives of the apparel wholesaler.

The outside apparel sales representatives spend most of their time traveling to visit current customers as well as prospective buyers.These visits,also referred as 'sales call', are where the customer needs are discussed and also suggestions are made as to how the wholesaler apparel products can meet the needs of their consumers.

During the sales call, the apparel sales representative may provide samples or catalogs describing the apparel wholesaler's line of products, and they also provide the customers with ways in which the clothing on offer can save money and improve the wholesaler's information about prices and apparel availability.

These basics are all apparel sales representative require to make a difference in sales.These sales representatives are masters of the basics.They dress appropriately, immediately greets and establishes contact with prospects and do not prejudge.They also starts their apparel sales process at the top and work down rather than starting at the bottom and working up.

Even with the power of the Internet it is important to maintain the human connection.

For example, my closeout business, CloseoutExplosion.com, has customers in many countries, including Nigeria, Trinidad, and Guyana. It is imperative that they be able to speak to me so that they can connect with an actual person that will help them with their orders.

Retailers that are located in another country want to be able to speak to a supplier especially before purchasing a pallet or truckload of closeout merchandise.