Wholesale Anne Klein Suits Review


Have you considered purchasing wholesale Anne Klein suits for your boutique?

A modern and sophisticated woman is not just hairstyle, makeup or high heels. Women’s suits add a big plus to looking classy, professional and polished, either for day-to-day work or business-related meetings for example. Fortunately, the Anne Klein brand merges both modern looks and business-sophistication looks.

1. Pinstripe pantsuit. The jacket has a notched collar line, the front has two big buttons and for the shoulders there are pads sewed in. If you love pockets, this suit has them too. The pants reach mid-size for the waist area, with a regular fit and a zipper. Both pieces have lining on the inside and this suit can be dry-cleaned. It comes in the color black and the sizes start from 4 to 16.

2. Shawl-Collar pantsuit. Another classy ensemble. It comes in color midnight’ or darkest grey. The pants reach mid-rise and are regular fit for the hips, with zipper and button too. The front has a hook-and-bar closure. The shell is designed as scoop neckline, it can be pulled over too. The shell and lining are of polyester. The jacket has a gorgeous shawl collar type, one front button, shoulder pads and at the hip area – flap pockets. Can be dry-cleaned.

3. Pantsuit with a camisole – This one comes in regular and petite version. Sizes start from 2P to 8. It is in a lovely shell-color or café-multi’ when you want to avoid the black suits. With it, a cami is included as well. Pants reach mid-size and are a perfect straight fit with a straight leg form. They have a hook-and-eye as well as a zipper. The jacket’s lapels are notched, the front has 2 buttons and of course there are shoulder pads. This is a perfect suit for those of 5’10” height. The lining and the cami are both polyester, and it is dry-cleaned.

4. Sparkling Metallic business suit – This suit is again a set of pants and a jacket that with their silver metallic color will steal anyone’s attention. Materials used are viscose, polyester and nylon. The suit is completely and fully lined and the jacket has one single button. The pockets are back-seamed with a zip fly too. Recommended dry-cleaning.

5. Executive Collection single-button A-line skirt suit – This suit comes in the color black and in sizes from 2 to 12+. The pocket is a sleek lapel design and the jacket has one button that adds classy and modern look at the same time, again, there are shoulder pads included. Both items of this suit are lined with polyester/elastane. The jacket is 22-1/2” in length and the skirt comes in knee-length or 20”.

6. Executive Collection single-button pantsuit. This suit comes in sizes from 2 to 12+ and in the color black. the collar is notched, and the front of the jacket has one button. The jacket has lining, but the pants are not lined. The jacket is 23” in length and the pants 33”. It creates a wonderful fitting silhouette and can be dry-cleaned.

7. Shawl-collar sleeveless Sheath dress suit – This suit comes in two colors: black and navy ink blue. Sizes vary from 2 to 14. The collar of the jacket is shawl type with an open front. The jacket is right up to the hips and the dress has knee-length. The dress also has a zipper on the back, a hook-and-eye closure and back hem-slitting.

8. Executive collection 3-Pc, pants and skirt suit set- This suit also comes in navy ink blue and black. the sizes start from 2 up to 18. The blazer has 2 buttons and the trousers are a classic fit, but…there is also a skirt included. The jacket is notched collar, in the front it has flop pockets and it also has shoulder pads. The only part of this whole suit that is not lined are the pants. The skirt reaches knee-length and is 22” long. The pants are 33” inseam. Material used is polyester and this is dry-cleaned as well.

9. Denim Suiting – Edgy, appealing, modern and professional. It comes in 5 different colors: denim, black, white, Brenton red and African violet. There are shoulder pads inserted, the V-line is deep to the cleavage and the jacket has one button in the front. The skirt is a pencil-style skirt of knee-length. If you are not a fan of pants and want that business-look, this set is perfect for you.

10. One-button suit jacket- Lastly, this is an essential for any business attire for women. This jacket comes only in navy color, it has flap pockets on the sides and the jacket reaches the hips perfectly. The lapels have peaks and materials used are polyester, then viscose and elastic the least. The sleeves are long and have cuffs for a single-button. Recommended dry-cleaning. It goes perfectly well with skirt or pants, whichever you choose.