Which Amazon Inventory Apps Should You Use For Listing and Management?


If you are thinking about selling products on Amazon, you might be wondering which apps to use for listing and management. There are many options available. In this article, I'll look at two apps that are highly recommended for sellers: SoStocked and Expandly. I'll also discuss eSellerHub, a newer competitor that offers similar functionality to Amazon. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned seller, either way, you'll be glad you tried these apps.


eSellerHub is an inventory management software for online retailers. Its main features include order management, inventory management, fulfillment, reporting, and API integration for marketplaces. EsellerHub has the capability to merge product listings and automatically create purchase orders. It also offers export and import options. It supports CSV and XML formats, and even Google docs for importing inventory. The app also offers an option to merge product listing data and restock your inventory with hot selling items.

eSellerHub is a syncing and inventory management software that synchronizes stock levels across different marketplaces and online stores. It also links products to their inventory so you never run out of stock. It also helps prevent under and overselling. It syncs orders across multiple marketplaces, including Amazon. The app also offers detailed insights into online sales processes. The eSellerHub inventory app integrates with popular marketplaces and shopping carts, and it even auto-imports orders for you.

eSellerHub is a cloud-based Amazon inventory management solution that supports small and medium-sized businesses. While it may not be perfect, reviews have been generally positive. The customer support team is responsive, which gives sellers more time to focus on growing their businesses. Finally, eSellerHub is affordable compared to many other inventory management solutions. It's a solid choice if you're in the market for an inventory management tool that will improve your business.


SoStocked for Amazon Inventory App allows sellers to manage their inventory from one convenient place. The app has tools for marketing plans and restocking, such as Future Lightning Deals, which can help users anticipate their future inventory needs. You can set a limit for your restock quantity and SoStocked will automatically transfer this inventory to your Amazon FBA account. This tool is very useful for a variety of marketing purposes, including email marketing and email campaign tracking.

The SoStocked for Amazon Inventory App is a fully customizable tool that solves many of the most common inventory management pains for Amazon sellers. Some of these include tracking orders and payments, managing bundles, following up on POs, and avoiding costly warehouse recounts. The app also has a great onboarding process and excellent customer support. You can even set up alerts for items that are low or out of stock, as well as track seasonal lows and highs.

Inventory management can be complex and time-consuming. The danger of shooting from the hip is real, especially as the business scales. Without proper inventory management, you could end up short of cash. Using a software program designed specifically for Amazon sellers can save a lot of heartache in the long run. A good inventory management app is vital for keeping track of inventory levels and managing your business. SoStocked has all the features you need and is committed to ongoing growth.


If you want to make your inventory management easier, SellerActive is the perfect solution. SellerActive is a powerful tool for creating listings on all major marketplaces. SellerActive allows you to import your product catalog from your website and create listings on each of them. You can also create new catalog items with SellerActive. The program ensures that your inventory information imports correctly. It also offers many features that other apps don't include.

This app enables sellers to streamline their Amazon orders and fulfill them in one place. It can route orders to third-party logistics providers, ship them directly to their warehouse, or deliver them to customers. With SellerActive, all orders are routed automatically to the right place. SellerActive integrates seamlessly with the Amazon marketplace, and helps sellers manage their inventory across channels. Its cross-channel fulfillment capabilities make it ideal for a variety of online business models.

A great tool for managing inventory and pricing on Amazon is SellerActive. With this software, you can compete on price without sacrificing profit. SellerActive's intelligent repricing features let you set minimum and maximum prices for your products. Plus, you can set rules for how often prices update. You can also choose between perpetual dynamic repricing or conditional dynamic repricing. This way, your product never goes to zero.


If you're looking for a way to streamline your business' operations, Expandly for Amazon Inventory App is a great choice. The software handles sales order management and inventory control for you, allowing you to manage listings on multiple channels, track orders, fulfill shipping, and analyze metrics. It also integrates with shipping carriers and marketplaces to automate many of the processes that make running a business difficult. You can start using Expandly for Amazon Inventory App for free, or upgrade to a paid plan at any time.

Once you've tried Expandly, you'll notice how intuitive it is to use. The system makes managing your inventory and sales easy, and it updates status and shipping information from all your channels automatically. You can even print bulk paperwork and connect directly to carriers, making inventory management a breeze. If you're ready to upgrade to the enterprise plan, you can try it out for free for up to 50 orders per month. To test the service, you can download the Expandly trial.

Another useful feature of Expandly for Amazon Inventory App is the ability to manage multiple sales channels with ease. The software integrates eBay and Amazon, allowing you to list products across multiple platforms and automatically pull orders and sales. As a result, it provides accurate, real-time inventory information for you. You can print labels, update inventory levels, and track sales with one click. Ultimately, Expandly for Amazon Inventory App will save you time and money.


If you are an Amazon seller, you've likely heard of Teikametrics. This popular tool provides the tools you need to manage your Amazon inventory. With a multitude of functions, it can automate tracking, forecasting, and more, making it easier to spend less time on the day-to-day management of your Amazon store. While Teikametrics does require a certain amount of Amazon experience, once you've set it up, it's easy to use and is a great all-in-one tool.

Another benefit of Teikametrics is its ability to find profitable keywords on Amazon. This means no more fiddling around with bids in Seller Central. It also gives you the opportunity to customize your reports based on profit margin and best-selling products. This makes it easier to track which products are performing well. In addition to helping you track your Amazon inventory, this software can help you get rid of wasteful ads from your PPC campaigns and identify new opportunities in your Amazon business.

Using Teikametrics' inventory management and repricing software makes it easy to make informed decisions on product pricing and stock levels. It also allows you to track the profitability of your Sponsored Products ads. It also has a dashboard for tracking inventory. It lets you select the best-selling items and begin new purchase orders. This software also helps you measure profitability based on the Amazon Buy Box price for each item.


In a world where human error is common, a good inventory management system is a must. Successful ecommerce sellers understand the value of prevention. Flying by the seat of your pants can lead to costly human error and slow growth. Using a web-based inventory management solution from Webgility can help you avoid these problems, and lead to faster growth and less human error. Webgility is trusted by over 5,000 high-growth ecommerce brands. The company's solution helps them automate their operations while delivering instant ROI and improving other KPIs.

If you use this tool to streamline your business processes, you'll appreciate the integration of multiple sales channels. Webgility connects to your carrier, automatically prints and sends shipment labels, and validates address details. It even helps you automate the process of creating purchase orders, sending them to your vendors, and updating prices. Webgility also offers integration with Avalara. This means you'll never miss a deadline again.

Webgility is fully integrated with Amazon FBA, Seller Central, and Prime. The system allows you to set multiple users with customizable permissions. It's designed to handle high volumes of data, with the capacity to record thousands of Amazon transactions every day. It also features an archive feature for archiving orders. And thanks to its integrations with popular payment processors and shipping and hosting services, Webgility will help you streamline your business' operations.