Where To Buy Store Return Pallets


Stores are often dealing with a lot of products that are returned, closed out or overstocked. To avoid a complete loss on these items, retailers work with wholesalers to get rid of what that they can’t sell. It is a good way to recycle these goods that have no damage and are still serviceable. The wholesalers pick up the merchandise, pack it onto large pallets and sell it directly to buyers at a cheap rate. Entrepreneurs take advantage of this business to supply inventory for resale online or in a store.

Pallet companies often operate by acquiring returned merchandise from one or more major retailers. Most of them sell the pallets on their websites through an auction process. You can either buy individual pallets or trucks of pallets. Some sellers also allow you to skip the bidding and buy immediately. You should always keep in mind to check a few things before you decide to buy a pallet. Some companies may require that you buy a minimum amount of pallets or one truckload. Another thing that you should note is that if a company is located beyond your local area you may end up paying lots of money for the shipping fees because the pallets may weigh hundreds of pounds. So always read the policies and do a proper research before you place an order.

Although sometimes it may be challenging to find a worthy wholesaler because you risk to get scammed, there are several companies that you can try:

Via Trading is located in Lynwood, California and it offers a vast range of products such as clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, furniture, electronics, tools/hardware, bicycles, toys and many others. Their products are coming from major brands such as: Levi’s, Guess, DKNY, Fossil, nIne West, Michael Kors, and many others. They provide shipping service almost everywhere in the world or if you do not want to spend money on this you can pick up your order. You can buy online, on person or by phone. For more details here is their webpage: www.viatrading.com.

TDW Closeouts is a wholesaler from Sunrise, Florida. You can purchase by the pallet, by the lots of 5 or more pallets or by the truckload. They export whole wide world and they have merchandise like clothing, school/office supplies, home furniture, automotive & accessories, garden supplies, general merchandise and many others. Their pallets include brands like: Nike New Balance, Zara, Bershka, Numax, Hitachi and many more. To contact them go on their page: www.tdwcloseouts.com.

The Bargain Warehouse offers products by the pallet or by the truckload and is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They offer items like electronics, clothing, furniture, jewelry, toys, from major brands like Sony, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger and many others. You can find more information on their website: www.thebargainwarehouse.com.

American Merchandise Liquidators (AML) is located in Foley, Alabama and they offer their goods by pallets, lots and truckloads. The company offers less categories of merchandise that the others wholesalers which include: electronics, tools & equipment, clothing, shoes & accessories, general merchandise, home décor and a few others. For more details access their official page: www.amlinc.com.

Always do your own research before purchasing a pallet of store return merchandise, and if possible visit the wholesale warehouse that you are buying from before you make your purchase.