What You Should Know About National Wholesale Liquidators


If you're in the market for some furniture or everyday household items, consider visiting a wholesale liquidators store like National Wholesale Liquidators. This Brooklyn-based company operates warehouse-style closeout discount stores that sell everything from name-brand products to everyday items like furniture. With over one million products in stock, this store has an extensive selection of affordable items. Before you shop at a NWL store, make sure to learn more about its employees, locations, hours of operation, and price range.


There are several benefits of working at National Wholesale Liquidators. Benefits include competitive salaries, flexible schedules, paid training, and healthcare insurance. Additionally, you will receive 401(k) retirement plans and paid leave, as well as a chance to advance through the corporate ladder. In addition to these perks, employees of National Wholesale Liquidators have many opportunities to advance in their career. If you are considering a career at National Wholesale Liquidators, you can find out more about the company by reading these reviews.

The website for National Wholesale Liquidators offers several job positions, including sales associate, merchandise coordinator, store merchandise planner, and logistics coordinator. There are also opportunities for management positions. To apply for a position, you must be at least 18 years old. National Wholesale Liquidators is open Monday through Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. You can also visit a store in person to fill out an application. Besides filling out the online application, you can also speak with a manager in-person to learn about the company's hiring process.

Salaries at National Wholesale Liquidators vary, with an average salary of $77,116. Salaries vary by job title and department, and may be based on skills and education. As with all companies, individuals' salaries vary, and are based on experience, education, and location. In addition, the compensation of National Wholesale Liquidators employees depends on their level of responsibility. A list of National Wholesale Liquidators' salaries is available here.

One of the main ways to evaluate a company's culture is to read reviews posted by previous employees. These reviews can give you an idea of the company's culture, compensation, training, and hiring process. You can also see what people are saying about the company's performance and what you should be prepared for during your interview. Some people may even report negative experiences about a company. If this is the case, you should be aware of it and do your research.


One of the best places to find closeout discount products at great prices is at a National Wholesale Liquidators location. This chain of stores operates as a discount warehouse with over 120,000 items. Former employees have also purchased two locations from the company. After the company went bankrupt, two former employees purchased the other locations and have opened them up for business. In 2008, National Wholesale Liquidators filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, closing 35 of its stores. Several months later, the reorganized company filed for Chapter 7 liquidation, and two locations have since been acquired by former employees. Currently, NSC Wholesale Holdings is operating under the former executives of NWL.

The company filed for bankruptcy in October of 2018, closing its last 11 locations. Following bankruptcy, former managers purchased the company name and intellectual property, and opened two new stores in Philadelphia and Brooklyn. Another store opened in Massapequa, NY in November 2019.

For manufacturers, a National Wholesale Liquidators location should be convenient. While the company's locations vary, most of them serve the same customers. Often, it will require a considerable amount of time to focus on customer service and production. The company may also punish manufacturers that are late on shipping or production. For this reason, a legal representative may be necessary. The attorneys can also explain the terms of the agreement between the manufacturer and National Wholesale Liquidators.

Another option is to use the Internet. In Queens, you can easily find an online store of a National Wholesale Liquidator using Moovit's free maps and real-time directions. The app can also help you find alternative routes to reach National Wholesale Liquidators, such as public transportation. There are also some companies that have retained liquidators to take care of their assets. Depending on the liquidation process, you can buy directly from the liquidator, while other companies have contracted with the liquidators to manage their assets.

Hours of operation

If you are in the market for some wholesale products, you might want to know the hours of operation for National Wholesale Liquidators in your area. You may be able to find some great bargains at these stores and save some money, too. You can explore the store's locations online to find out which one is closest to you. You can even call ahead to confirm hours. In addition, you can view the hours of operation for National Wholesale Liquidators in your area by entering your address.

It's important to remember that National Wholesale Liquidators requires a good profit margin, so it's important to keep that in mind when setting up your production and shipping schedule. They'll also penalize you if you're late with shipping or production. This is where hiring an attorney comes in handy. If you're not sure how to approach the National Wholesale Liquidators in your area, they'll be able to walk you through the steps of the process.

Price range

The National Wholesale Liquidators was a general merchandise discount retailer that operated 50 stores in thirteen states. Its former headquarters was in West Hempstead, NY. In the past, National Wholesale Liquidators offered deep discounts on brand name merchandise and was a go-to spot for shoppers. Its inventory changes daily, and you can often find items that were once considered unsold for hundreds of percent less.

You can purchase items from a liquidation pallet, or you can buy them individually. In most cases, the bid is set to the maximum amount you're willing to spend. This automated process makes the purchase more affordable. Some liquidation pallets offer a 'Buy Now' option, which skips the auction and bypasses the bidding process. However, remember that any purchase over $5000 requires a wire transfer.

For more information about the store, you can look for customer reviews online. These reviews can give you insights into the company culture, working conditions, compensation, and training opportunities. They can also tell you if the company's culture and values are compatible with your own. A company's reputation is important, and you want to ensure you'll have the same positive experiences. However, it's not all sunshine and roses. While there are many positive reviews of National Wholesale Liquidators, some customers have been less than thrilled with the services that they've received.

Depending on the location of your store, you can buy at the lowest price possible. Often, companies hire brokers to sell their products to National Wholesale Liquidators. These brokers have personal relationships with National Wholesale Liquidators and will pitch your products for you. These brokers will charge you a commission for recommending the products. If you're not sure about a particular product, consider a few different options before making a final decision.

Products sold

The name NWL is an abbreviation for National Wholesale Liquidators, a discount retailer founded in 1984 by Eva Rosen. The company operates a chain of discount stores that offers a variety of closeouts, irregular items, and discontinued goods at discount prices. They typically carry more than one hundred thousand items, including electronics, furniture, and appliances. They also sell food, health and beauty aids, holiday decorations, and jewelry.

The retailer is based in West Hempstead, N.Y., and plans to open a second Massachusetts location in Weymouth. Located on Route 18, the store will be filled with a variety of products, including household supplies, automotive supplies, and even pet products. It will serve customers throughout the state and is one of the few national wholesale chains to expand its presence in the Boston area. If you're looking for great deals on quality, discounted goods, and a reasonable profit margin, National Wholesale Liquidators is the place to shop.

The company sells items in several categories and offers more than one million brand-new items. They don't sell their inventory online; instead, customers must contact a sales representative or customer service to view the entire inventory. The company's headquarters is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Customers who plan to purchase from a liquidation wholesaler should be aware that their orders won't be shipped to their addresses until after the sale.

When it comes to selling to National Wholesale Liquidators, it's important to remember that most customers don't shop directly at the company. Many companies hire brokers to pitch their products and services to them. This broker has experience in the industry and is personally acquainted with the National Wholesale Liquidators, Inc. (NWL).