What Vendors Are Leaving HSN?


There are rumors that some of the smaller brands that were once so popular on HSN are leaving the company. You can read about them by reading their financial pages. Other rumors center around employees losing their jobs and vendors not returning. If you shop at HSN, you'll see that most of the vendors' items are either on clearance or have low or no shipping charges. Whether these rumors are true or not, they all point to the same problem: HSN is losing its small brands.

Jennifer Flavin's Serious Skincare

In July, another skin-care brand will join the family of @hsn, Active Argan. The new brand brings together timeless traditions and advanced technology to harness the anti-aging powers of Argan oil. Founded over two decades ago, Serious Skincare initially targeted acne-prone and problematic skin. Now, it fights against signs of aging, including loss of elasticity. And since it is so popular with women, a few new products will be available.

The company has also made a change in name. It is now known as iMedia Brands, a company listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market. The company previously operated as ShopNBC and ValueVision. Customers are subjected to constant credit checks in order to qualify for the products they are purchasing. In the past, Serious Skincare has refused to answer questions about animal testing.

There are a few reasons why Serious Skincare is leaving HSN. One is that the company wants to appeal to younger women. They want to sell brands such as Urban Decay and Too Faced, which are aimed at millennial women. However, Serious Skincare has a rich history. Its co-founder, Jennifer Flavin Stallone, grew up with terrible acne and used her knowledge to create a skin-care line that is incredibly successful. During her twenty-four-year residency, Serious Skincare has sold nearly $ 2 billion dollars in products.

Despite the success of Serious Skincare, Jennifer Flavin's Serious Skincare brand is moving to Evine, which is also a new home for a beauty brand. Founded 25 years ago, Serious Skincare has been a huge success on HSN, pulling in over $2 billion in gross sales. The brand will be available on Evine, and the company is betting big on the beauty category with new products.

Connie Craig-Carrol

According to reports, the show's founders, Connie Craig-Carrol and Brett Carroll, have parted ways with the network. Both women have been with the network for about 22 years. Both announced their departure on Facebook simultaneously. The two are also leaving HSN because of conflict of interest. In light of this, we've compiled a list of the people who will be replacing the HSN co-founders.

As a television personality, Connie Craig is married and has a son named Dougie, or Buzzy, whom she calls Buzzy. In high school, she played basketball for the Union Heights Tornadoes. She graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in communication. Her original plan was to be a lawyer, but she ended up working as a sports television host, and soon got into the shopping industry. Her show was picked up by HSN in 1998, and she has been there ever since.

Before joining HSN, Connie Craig-Carrol has worked for other cable and satellite television networks. Before joining the Home Shopping Network, she was a sports reporter. Before joining HSN, she briefly worked as a feature sports reporter, and later joined Shop At Home. The company has also been the home to several celebrity personalities, including Larry King. She has a husband and a son. The company has a team of twenty-four hosts, and Connie has worked as one of them.

Terry Lewis, who founded QVC, is also leaving HSN. Her departure from the network marks a major change for HSN. The company is now under the ownership of Qurate Retail Group, the parent company of QVC. She married Tony Miranne in 1978, and they divorced in 1989. She will be missed by her friends and fans. After all, she has been with the network for over two decades and has helped to establish a successful business.

Brett Craig-Carrol

Connie and Brett Craig-Carrol are separating after eight years of service to the company. Both are extremely popular on Facebook and Instagram. Both have over nine thousand followers. Carroll is best known for her book series, "Brett Does Not Wear Pants," which was written in collaboration with the actress Jennifer Flavin. The two have a son named Dougie, and Carroll is also a collector of crosses.

During her time at HSN, Connie Craig-Carroll married and became a single mom. She joined the company at age 27 and left in the middle of the year. Before joining HSN, Connie was an award-winning broadcast journalist. She worked as a sports reporter and hosted "Shop At Home" before joining the network. Craig-Carrol was also married to Big Doug, a former football player who is now retired.

The reason for Brett Craig-Carrol's exit from HSN is not clear. It is unclear whether Craig-Carrol will be replaced by another host or by a new one. The company does not comment on the matter. However, Colleen Lopez, who is an Australian television host, will continue as a show host for HSN. As a television host, she has earned $6 million since 1994.

Bill Green is another host leaving HSN. He has been with the company for 24 years, and was previously an on-air guest trainer. His new project will focus on selling and promoting health, beauty, and lifestyle products. In addition, he has a background in advertising and is an excellent public speaker. Among the many other people leaving HSN is Shannon Craig-Carrol. The show will miss him.

Elise Ivy

The announcement that Elise Ivy is leaving HSM is a major blow to her fans. She has not made an official public statement, but she has been active on social media and has posted several pictures of herself kissing someone, leading some to think she was engaged. Elise's Twitter handle and blog URL were also updated on her Instagram page. Fans will now need to follow her on these other social media accounts.

Elise Ivy has been a host and presenter for six and a half years. She has a background in retail, beauty, and health, and previously co-hosted the popular QVC show Basic Beauty. She has also been a co-host of Beauty IQ. After joining HSN, she will be the last celebrity on QVC. Elise's final appearance is scheduled for Friday, December 24 in the 3 pm ET hour.

Before working at QVC, Elise Ivy worked as a SAG-AFTRA television host. She completed her schooling in Austin and graduated from Westwood High School in Texas. She also attended the University of Nebraska, where she studied broadcast journalism. She was a cheerleader and university champion weightlifter. Her athletic and academic achievements led to her success on QVC. She worked as a trainer for the company during her HSN days and then became a host on QVC in 2015.

Despite being a star in the HSN family, Elise Ivy will leave QVC in 2021, but there are several other notable people who are leaving QVC in the meantime. Her twin sister Erin Stran has also joined QVC, and a number of other QVC hosts are also leaving the network. It is unclear who will replace her. Some speculate that Elise Ivy will be replaced by a new celebrity host.

Amy Stran

One of the vendors who's leaving the online retailer is American TV host and QVC Associate Producer Amy Stran. Stran is also known for her interview segments on top fashion designers. She is one of the most popular and high-profile faces in the world of hosting. In fact, Stran was once ranked as the top fashion designer by Time magazine. She's a moderately tall woman who weighs a moderate 47KG.

The reason for Stran's departure is quite simple. She wants to spend more time with her family. She's also a theater buff. The couple has two daughters and a successful real estate business. The HSN network was experiencing a lot of challenges recently. The move to QVC comes as no surprise considering Stran's past success and the number of HSN's current host roster.