• What Are Walmart Auctions In B-Stock Sourcing Network


    What Are Walmart Auctions In B-Stock Sourcing Network?

    B-Stock Sourcing Network enables everyone to bid on return merchandise and overstock inventory directly from Walmart. You can get direct access to liquidation inventory at a very low price that wholesalers and middlemen normally don’t offer. This offer is exclusive through Walmart’s official liquidation marketplace. 

    What are the benefits of using Walmart Auctions in B-Stock Sourcing Network?

    The benefits of bidding in Walmart Auctions are aplenty.

    If you’re interested in retail arbitrage, this could be a wonderful source of your products. The choices are literally unlimited so you can choose the particular items that your target customers are looking for.

    Because you don’t have to go through a middleman, you can keep more money. The cost of the liquidation goods is substantially lower than other sources because you are getting them directly from Walmart.

    Because the process of buying is through auction or bidding, you have more control over the amount that you are willing to pay for the return goods. Start at the lowest amount that you are willing to pay and increase your bid as necessary.

    The goods don’t have to pass through B-Stock Sourcing Network. You will be dealing directly with Walmart. 

    Because there is no middleman involved in the process, you have guarantee that you are getting fair prices. Some middlemen are known to offer overpriced items.

    Because you are dealing directly with Walmart, you don’t have to worry about the products’ authenticity. At this time when clone products are sold everywhere, the last thing you want is to buy counterfeit goods.

    How Can Walmart Auctions in B-Stock Sourcing Network Help Small Businesses?

    Brand familiarity is one of the top benefits of using Walmart Auctions in B-Stock Sourcing Network. Buying and selling branded items can be beneficial to sellers and especially to those that are into retail arbitrage. Here are a few specific advantages on the part of small business owners:

    When you buy branded overstock products from Walmart then resell it to your customers, you don’t have to introduce the brand name to them. Little sales talk is necessary and you won’t have to pay for an advertisement to convince shoppers to buy your goods. The reason behind them is because branded items have a well-established reputation in the market. People trust these brands and won’t have second thoughts on buying them.

    Shipping cost is often a problem for small business owners. Most customers would leave their shopping cart once they have a glimpse of the shipping fees. Buying overstock and return merchandise means you have to buy in bulk. This minimizes the cost of shipping since the items will be delivered in batches. As a result, you are able to sell your products at a lower price and no need to pass the shipping cost to your customers.

    Small business owners are also able to compete with bigger companies. Buying branded goods means you don’t have to worry about advertising. Big companies pay millions of dollars to advertise their merchandise. You can skip that part and keep more money. 


    Walmart Auctions in B-Stock Sourcing Network offers a lot of benefits to small business owners and those that are involved in retail arbitrage. The key is to choose carefully the products that you want to bid on and sell them at a fair price in online markets.